Baidu Pay Per Click Advertising Management

The Baidu pay per click advertising funnelBaidu is by far China's most popular search engine. It serves over 5 billion search results each day. Plus, they have an advanced pay per click advertising system similar to Google AdWords. If you have anything to sell to Chinese Internet users, Baidu is a great place to start!

Baidu marketing may seem a world apart - after all, an effective campaign requires a great deal of expertise in China, digital marketing and Baidu. That's where Nanjing Marketing Group comes in. With our Baidu pay per click management service, you can tap into this market quickly and profitably. We will optimize your campaign all the way from the keywords to the checkout process ensuring the highest possible return on investment.

Work With a Well-rounded Baidu Advertising Team

In order to provide you with the best Baidu advertising management service, we make use of a diverse international team that not only has expertise in Baidu account management, but also in marketing strategy, copywriting and web analytics. Our bilingual pay per click account managers have years of experience managing pay per click advertising campaigns for Western companies in a wide variety of industries. Plus, as a full service digital marketing agency, we can help you scale your campaign to include a more comprehensive marketing mix as you grow.

Keyword to Checkout Service

Our Baidu pay per click management service includes:

  • Baidu account setup - Have your Baidu advertiser account setup quickly and effectively. You will own the account and can access it directly at any time. Pay via convenient methods such as PayPal, credit card or wire transfer.
  • Strategic planning and keyword selection - We will work with you to understand your business, your industry and your competitors then choose the most appropriate keywords to suit your situation. Before the campaign begins, you'll receive a concise report in plain English.
  • Ad copywriting - We write, test and rewrite your Baidu ad copy to improve conversions and outsmart competitors. For us, this is both a creative and scientific process, involving the unique insights of multiple team members.
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) - Receive concrete suggestions on how to improve your website to increase conversions. We'll make suggestions based on data from your campaign as well as our years of experience helping many Western companies break into the Chinese market.
  • Daily management - Adjustments will be made to keywords, bids and negative keywords on a daily basis, ensuring you don't waste spend on irrelevant clicks.
  • Analytics modelling - Receive up-to-date analytics in Google Analytics or whichever tool you use. We're certified both with Baidu and Google Analytics, and know how to make the two work together.
  • Weekly and/or monthly reports - Receive weekly reports customized to meet the needs of your marketing team.
  • Multiple languages - We can communicate with your team in English, Chinese, Russian, French and Japanese.
  • Quick response time - Our main office is in Nanjing, and we have one team member based in Canada, allowing us to respond 18 hours of the day.

Clients Love Us

Nanjing Marketing Group specializes in serving Western clients. We run succesfful campaigns for businesses in many different industries. Many of our clients are agencies themselves, and we run the Chinese portion of their global paid search campaign.

NMG client logos

Here's what a couple of our clients say about us.

"NMG was relentlessly efficient in optimizing our SEM campaigns, always driving the CPA to new lows, without sacrificing quality. They were flexible, responsive, and we view them as a trusted extension of our marketing group."

- Sandia Trent, VP of of Product Marketing, Bomoda

"NMG delivered a professional and efficient service while managing our CPC campaigns in what would have been a very problematic market to service remotely."

- Anthony Lee, Digital Marketing Director, INTO

"NMG was instrumental in helping us navigate a complex CPC project and worked closely with us to optimize our results. They are an invaluable partner in our CPC marketing efforts."

- Amber Trendell, Marketing Director - International Programs, Autotask

Read more about our clients here.


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Baidu Pay Per Click Advertising Process

After working with over a hundred Western clients, we've been able to improve results and tailor the service to reduce problems.

The points below illustrate our standard process. Keep in mind that this is our "comprehensive" level of service, and it is possible for us to run simpler campaigns as well.

The whole process works something like this:

  1. You contact us. Together we'll discuss some of the basic factors of your campaign, such as your business goal, keywords you might have in mind and your website's suitability for marketing in China. We might be able to give you some eye-opening advice in this stage, and for free.
  2. We'll send you a digital contract to sign as well as an invoice.
  3. If you decide to go ahead, you can sign and send payment. We accept payments via credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, check, Chinese bank transer and other methods. You will also need to send us the certificate of incorporation for the business that will be promoted.
  4. We'll then translate the certificate of incorporation and do the administrative work of setting up the Baidu advertising account. This usually takes two weeks, and can sometimes be rushed.
  5. Meanwhile, we'll work with you to create the marketing plan. This will take a couple emails and/or phone conversations. We'll work on the campaign fround the ground-up, doing keyword & competitive research to plan the initial keywords, ad groups and ads. We'll send you a concise account summary plan in English and Chinese, and give you the opportunity to spot any problems. You do not need to be an expert in pay per click, we'll teach you the basics if needed. However, we are also very used to dealing with dedicated pay per click experts as well.
    We'll also provide you with advice on how to improve your landing pages, which will come in the form of screenshots, or even revised Chinese-language content for you to place on the site.
    Our Google Analytics-qualitifed staff will review your analytics implementation and provide advice if necessary.
  6. After you are ready to give the green light, and Baidu has activated the account, we will activate ads and notify you.
    We'll place all your files and account login info in a folder in Dropbox.
  7. After the campaign is launched, we'll watch very closely for the first couple weeks. We'll need to adjust keywords, bids and negative keywords rapidly at this stage to increase the quality score and achieve appropriate rankings.
  8. When the campaign is stable, we'll then proactively monitor it every work day and constantly iterate with new initiatives to improve performance. We will work with you to co-ordinate the pay per click campaign with your other marketing campaigns. We'll also work on our own to optimize ad creatives, keywords, bids and geographical distribution of ads and other factors.


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