About Nanjing Marketing Group

Nanjing Marketing Group is a bridge between peoples and cultures.

We believe in helping people gain convenient access to opportunities around the world, despite language & culture barriers.

Our specialty is creating marketing solutions for Western e-commerce businesses and educational institutions.


Our Values

Explore, Create, Discover.

We approach work with the mantra of "探索,创新,发现". or "Explore, Create, Discover". We believe in non-stop innovation and data-based analysis. We must both be able to open our minds to the creative process, and also make our decisions based on cold, hard data. This creates a work culture that can feel liberating, but is also fast-paced and brutally honest.


Be truthful.

We believe in being truthful with our team members, clients and the consumers that see our marketing materials. The value of honesty is of special importance in China, where being truthful often conflicts with traditional cultural values of harmony and face, and the modern Chinese mindset of 'money, money, money'.


Respect consumers, clients and team members.

We expect mutual respect between all contacts at the client’s company, Nanjijng Marketing Group team members, and the consumers we both interact with. We often preach clients on the value of respecting the market in particular. This means 1) listen to your customers, and 2) adapt to what they want.


Work smart, not long.

Why do so many companies in the marketing industry work such long hours, even when evidence points to it reducing overall creativity and effectiveness? We aim to work smart, and not work hours much longer than a usual work week. Our values, training and management processes allow us to do that.


Never stop cultural learning.

All our team members are expected to never stop improving their understanding of other languages & cultures. And we help clients understand the nuances of China that may affect their marketing efforts.


Create enduring value. 

Whether it's in marketing or life in general, we always have the choice to go for the quick fix, or to strive to build something that will provide a net benefit for the long-term. We aim to build marketing systems that are efficient and scalable.








Work smart,
not long.


Continuous cultural learning.


enduring value.

Our Team

Nanjing Marketing Group is a bi-lingual team of digital marketers. Most of our 20 full-time team members were born-and-raised in China, and all speak English. Together we speak Mandarin Chinese and 15 other Chinese dialects.

We have built our team with people that share our core values and have strong creative or analytical skills.

Co-founder / Client Services Manager

Tait's from Edmonton Canada, and first came to Nanjing as a study abroad student as part of his Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of Alberta.

Tait has been learning Chinese language since 1998 and has been working in Online Marketing since 2002. Since founding Nanjing Marketing Group in 2008, he has overseen more than 100 client projects. He currently leads our account management team and does the 101 other daily activities that small business owners do.

Connect with Tait on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Co-founder / General Manager

Sam is a Nanjing native and studied at Nanjing Tech University, completing a bachelor degree in Economics.

Among other things, she's in charge of hiring new team members.

Outside of work, Sam loves travelling. Her plan is to visit every country in the world and so far she’s been to countries such as Tanzania, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Connect with Sam on LinkedIn.

Business Development Manager

Susan has worked in the internet industry throughout her career, with a focus on media-buying and paid search management. Born and raised in Nanjing, Susan took a degree in Management in the historic city of Suzhou.

Susan manages media-buying channels and assists in finding key team members.

Susan is a very outgoing individual. Networking and communication are strengths of hers and this is shown in her love of public speaking and making speeches.

Lead Social Media Marketer

A true Nanjing native, Estrella brings creativity and fun to her role as Lead Social Media Marketer.

Before joining Nanjing Marketing Group, Estrella gained experience in travel marketing by working in a youth hostel and organising tour guides. She has also blogged about food and Chinese culture, bringing together two of her passions.

Estrella completed her studies at Jiangsu University in Zhenjiang, where she qualified as a Bachelor of Economics majoring in Statistics.

Estrella is famous for her creative, homemade birthday cakes.

Lead Content Marketer

Cherry is the Lead Copywriter and Content Marketer at Nanjing Marketing Group. She is suitably qualified for the role having studied a BA in Chinese Language and Literature at Xi’an Polytechnic University.

Cherry was born and raised in Chenzhou, Hunan province. Prior to working for Nanjing Marketing Group, Cherry started out working at a publishing house as an editor. She also has three years of experience working in the English education industry as a copywriter and planner.

Marketing Consultant (Specializing in Education)

Shane has a Bachelor’s degree in business English from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Before joining Nanjing Marketing Group, Shane gained three years’ experience in fast-moving consumer goods trade between China, African and American countries. He's travelled to many countries, including Dubai, India, Poland.

Account Manager

An Anhui province native, Lillian grew up in Liu'an. She also studied in Anhui University where she graduated with a BA majoring in English.

Prior to working at Nanjing Marketing Group, Lillian managed a Taobao store and other online stores, selling fashion items from overseas. She has experience in dealing with clients from all over the world and getting results in sales.

Account Manager (Specializing in SEM)

Wenhui Fu, a Hunan native, graduated from Xiangtan University with a BA in International Economics and Trade.

Before working at Nanjing Marketing Group as an account manager, she worked in account management and interpretation positions at Bosch, and a leading Chinese original equipment manager.

Social Media Marketer

Stephanie's warm personality and strong tri-lingual communication skills make her a natural fit for social media marketing. She has implemented several evergreen social media marketing projects for our clients in the areas of travel, education, software & e-commerce.

She has a Bachelor of Arts with a major in German.

She's also a regular contributor to the Nanjing Marketing Group blog and weekly newsletter.