Baidu Pay Per Click FAQ



Note: This post is already partly outdated. For the most up-to-date info on Baidu advertising, see our newer guide here.



The first three sections of this page are from the official Chinese-language FAQ for Baidu’s pay per click system. The rest contains answers to questions asked by Nanjing Marketing Group's clients.

Baidu requires that new clients pay a one-time fee of 7,400 Yuan, of which 5,000 goes towards credit for ads and 2,400 is a service fee. You can check your currency here.

How can Baidu Pay Per Click help you?

What is Baidu Pay Per Click?

Baidu pay per click (Baidu PPC) is a method of online promotion for which payment is based on results. With Baidu PPC, a small investment can bring a large volume of potential customers to a business, effectively raising the business’s sales volume and brand recognition.

Baidu PPC charges based on the number of potential customers that it brings to visit a business’s website. With Baidu PPC, business’s have the flexibility to control their online marketing investment, allowing them to gain the highest possible return on investment.

Our business is small and marketing budget is limited, can Baidu PPC help us?

Baidu PPC has a high performance-to-price ratio, allowing businesses to gain potential clients while not spending much money. Baidu PPC is a good fit for large companies, but an even better fit for small and medium-sized businesses. Business’s only need to spend a few thousand Yuan to try our advanced search marketing service. This is much more economical than hiring an account executive and opening an office.

Our company’s products are very specific and we only serve a niche clientele, can Baidu PPC help promote us?

The more of a niche market you are in, the better fit Baidu PPC is for your company. First of all, Baidu cover’s 95% of China’s Internet users. This would be very hard for any traditional marketing platform to meet. Many others in your industry and many of your customers probably use Baidu search. Second, Baidu charges based on results - your information is displayed on Baidu and if nobody clicks it, you don’t have to pay any marketing fees. Also, if there isn’t a large volume of customers in your industry, a searcher that is actively searching for what you are advertising is generally very likely disposed to buying, meaning they are likely a prospective customer of yours.

Our company only needs to market to customers in a specific area, can Baidu PPC help us?

Yes, you simply have to set your marketing range to your required area.

Will Baidu PPC provide businesses with potential customers or with brand exposure?

Baidu does both. With great volumes of traffic on both Baidu’s search network and content network (Baidu Union), Baidu provides both brand exposure as well as potential customers.

What's Included in Baidu's Pay Per Click Service?

What is Baidu Pay Per Click’s greatest advantage?

Baidu PPC is a marketing revolution provided to you by the world’s largest Chinese-language website – Baidu. Built on the Baidu search platform, Baidu’s results-based Internet marketing platform allows clients flexibility in controlling their budget and the ability to track results. Instead of going out to get your clients, they will come to you. You’ll be able to spend less to get more clients.

Does Baidu provide clear expense reports?

Clients can make use of the Baidu PPC Management System to easily view the number of clicks per keyword, expenses and more.

Note from NMG: NMG provides clients with weekly reports including data obtained from both their Baidu PPC account as well as from their on-site analytics platform such as Google AdWords or Baidu Tongji. Clients own their Baidu PPC account, so if they can read Chinese, they can check it at any time.

How does Baidu PPC allow clients to advertise only to precisely targeted potential customers?

Baidu has three ways of allowing you to target users. 1) You can select the keywords that you want to target. 2) You can control the geographic area in which your ads are displayed and the time frame in which they are displayed. 3) You choose your ad titles, descriptions and URLs, so that only those interested in your product or service are likely to click on your ads.

Note from NMG: Baidu’s PPC system is still not as advanced as Google’s. Baidu provides less data to users and the various tools involved in managing the account generally load slower and have fewer features. We are able to use Baidu’s PPC system to maximize client ROI, but do not expect Baidu’s system to be just like Google’s.

We need a marketing method that gets us the fullest coverage with our target customers, can Baidu PPC do this?

Baidu PPC can help small and medium sized businesses gain great coverage with their online customers. For one, Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese website and the world’s largest Chinese search engine. Every day, Baidu gets over one hundred million search requests, providing full coverage with China’s elite and China’s business people. Furthermore, with Baidu’s content network, businesses can also publish ads on other websites in the industries of their choosing. There are currently over 100 million websites in Baidu’s content network, providing full coverage with online customers.

How Can I Sign Up and Pay for Baidu Pay Per Click Advertising?

How much do I have to spend to use Baidu pay per click (PPC)?

New clients must pay a one-time fee of 7,400 Yuan, of which 5,000 goes towards credit for ads and 2,400 is a service fee.

After signing up, it’s up to you to determine how much you want to spend. Each time a user clicks on one of your ads, you are charged a fee.

Note from NMG: If you pay directly to Baidu, it generally takes at least 5 business days to transfer funds from another country to Baidu, so please remember to send funds with ample time if you want to avoid service interruptions. Baidu is also very strict on the details of the transfer, meaning delays are common. We advise that you recharge the account two or three weeks ahead of time and we will notify you when your funds are getting low.

How can I apply for a Baidu PPC account?

NMG says: Baidu’s system and service are provided in Chinese. If you’re reading this, we assume you’d prefer to communicate in English. Contact us and we will walk you through the process of creating a Baidu account. You will then own the account and we will manage it on a daily basis.

Baidu requires that you sign a contract, show proof of the legal existence of your business and send the initial payment. The process generally takes about two weeks to complete, but can take longer if there are complications. Baidu has regulations on what can and cannot be promoted for each given Baidu account. They will check your website and provide NMG with feedback on how to edit the website if any edits are required, which we will then explain to you in English, or if we are also responsible for writing Chinese content for your website, we will edit the content ourselves.

Baidu requires that payment be sent from the exact legal entity that the account is registered to. So, if you register the account for your business, you cannot send payment from your personal bank account. There are some ways around this policy, but they provide you with no insurance should something go wrong, so we do not advise it. We advise that you pay Baidu only, not one of Baidu’s representatives and not a marketing company.

How long will it take to begin advertising on Baidu?

NMG says: From our experience planning, registering and configuring many Baidu pay per click accounts for businesses in various countries and industries, it usually ends up taking about 2 to 3 weeks to actually get the ads up. It can take longer if the client (you) responds more slowly or if Baidu has specific regulations for the given industry that require changes made to the website.

In our experience, the number one factor that slows down account creation is errors in money transfers. Money must be sufficient and it must be sent from the bank account of the exact business entity to which the account is registered.

If you already have an account with Baidu, please find your account info and password and we will manage that account. Otherwise, it can take months to cancel an old account and start a new one. NMG will always provide you with login access to your own account, as should any reputable Baidu PPC marketing agency.

How do I Find Baidu's Keyword Research Tool?

  1. Sign in to the Baidu account at
  2. Click the "进入" (Enter) button on the left side of the page to enter the search campaign management area.
    The button to enter the Baidu search campaign management interface is on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click the "推广管理" (Ad Management) navigation button.
    The button to enter the management area is on the top navigation bar.
  4. Click the "关键词工具" button on the bottom navigation bar. It's the button that, strangely, has a Microsoft Word "W" next to it.
    The button to get to the keyword research tool is on the bottom, and has a "W" next to it.

What's the Baidu Pay Per Click Advertising Process?

After working with over a hundred Western clients, we've been able to improve results and tailor the service to reduce problems.

The points below illustrate our standard process. Keep in mind that this is our "comprehensive" level of service, and it is possible for us to run simpler campaigns as well.

The whole process works something like this:

  1. You contact us. Together we'll discuss some of the basic factors of your campaign, such as your business goal, keywords you might have in mind and your website's suitability for marketing in China. We might be able to give you some eye-opening advice in this stage, and for free.
  2. We'll send you a digital contract to sign as well as an invoice.
  3. If you decide to go ahead, you can sign and send payment. We accept payments via credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, check, Chinese bank transer and other methods. You will also need to send us the certificate of incorporation for the business that will be promoted.
  4. We'll then translate the certificate of incorporation and do the administrative work of setting up the Baidu advertising account. This usually takes two weeks, and can sometimes be rushed.
  5. Meanwhile, we'll work with you to create the marketing plan. This will take a couple emails and/or phone conversations. We'll work on the campaign fround the ground-up, doing keyword & competitive research to plan the initial keywords, ad groups and ads. We'll send you a concise account summary plan in English and Chinese, and give you the opportunity to spot any problems. You do not need to be an expert in pay per click, we'll teach you the basics if needed. However, we are also very used to dealing with dedicated pay per click experts as well.
  6. We'll also provide you with advice on how to improve your landing pages, which will come in the form of screenshots, or even revised Chinese-language content for you to place on the site.
  7. Our Google Analytics-qualitifed staff will review your analytics implementation and provide advice if necessary.
  8. After you are ready to give the green light, and Baidu has activated the account, we will activate ads and notify you.
  9. We'll place all your files and account login info in a folder in Dropbox.
  10. After the campaign is launched, we'll watch very closely for the first couple weeks. We'll need to adjust keywords, bids and negative keywords rapidly at this stage to increase the quality score and achieve appropriate rankings.
  11. When the campaign is stable, we'll then proactively monitor it every work day and constantly iterate with new initiatives to improve performance. We will work with you to co-ordinate the pay per click campaign with your other marketing campaigns. We'll also work on our own to optimize ad creatives, keywords, bids and geographical distribution of ads and other factors.