The Guide to 360 Search Ad Formats

Wed, 08/03/2016 - 07:20
Author: Leon

Last week we posted a guide to Baidu search ad formats, this week we have the same for 360.

For the most part, 360 follows whatever Baidu does, but there are a few differences.

Basic Text Ads


360’s default ad format includes a title and 2 description lines. The title is limited to 50 characters, and each description line is limited to 80 characters. Note that each Chinese character takes up 2 "characters" of space. But an English letter takes up only 1 character of space.

Sitelink Extensions


3-5 sitelinks can be included in ads. They show up near the bottom of the ad, and are generally useful to help users directly navigate to important parts of a website.

Image + Text


Besides just text extensions, it’s also possible to use images. These help improve clickthrough rate and improve brand recognition. 

Product Showcase


This style is used to display products. It shows 4 products in the form “text title + item picture + item information”.

Users can click through directly to the product page.

Sub-menu Ads


This ad type consists of 3 sub menus, with each menu composing 3 to 10 sitelinks.



The list-style ads display “text title + product introduction + product information”.  They can show 4 to 5 pieces of product information.

Recommended Links


Another style of ad to help users see more options. In this format, the “recommended links” show up below the title and description lines.

360 Brand Express


360 “Brand Express” show up right at the top of search results for branded search queries only. It’s made up of a mixture of text, links, images & video.

This isn’t actually a pay per click ad though. It requires a flat fee for a given period of time. The minimum price is 50,000 Chinese Yuan per month.

360 Right-side Brand Promotion


Brands can also have similar information shown on the right-side of search results. One major advantage of this format is that it can be used for non-branded search results. For example, the image above is from a search for “Shanghai wedding photography”.

Prices must be negotiated, with a minimum rate of 6,000 Chinese Yuan/month.

What’s Worth It?

The 360 Search ad types that we use the most are 1) default text ads, 2) image extensions and 3) sitelink extensions.

Keep in mind that we deal mainly with SMEs that want to run their ads as a performance marketing solution. The last two formats in our list are more targeted towards brands that also wish to build brand recognition more quickly.

Although we don’t use the navigational search ad formats (sub-menus, lists & recommended links), that isn’t to say they don’t have their niche. These seem to most often be used by large, portal type websites with tons of content within.

Author: Leon


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