How to Set Up a Baidu Pay Per Click Account

Thu, 02/20/2014 - 11:12

Running a Baidu pay per click advertising campaign is a great way to get a foothold in the Chinese market. It is a quick way to get your products or services into the Chinese marketplace and to gain some valuable brand recognition.
But moving into a foreign marketplace can be daunting. Do you go it alone or do you invest in some help from a local agency? To decide what to do it’s always best to consult as many resources as possible before you make a decision as to how to spend your budget.
The presentation below gives an overview of how can help to set up a Baidu pay per click account quickly and affordably. There are some tips to help you when dealing with a Baidu reseller. There is also some advice to bear in mind in terms of what paperwork you need and how long the process will take.
Baidu has the biggest market share of any search engine in China and is therefore perfect to run a pay per click program. The information below can help you to understand the Baidu pay per click account setup process as well as helping you decide if the pay per click search engine route is the best way for you to move into the Chinese market place.
So why would a company decide to use instead of going to Baidu directly?
Have a look at the presentation to find out why.
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