An Introduction to Baidu's Behavioural Targeting Tool

Wed, 04/13/2011 - 02:52

Similar to Google, Baidu also allows advertisers to place relevant contextual ads on many publisher websites via their content network. Also like Google, Baidu is always working hard at releasing new features to further enhance its value to marketers in China. One of the newer features it released is the Behavioural Targeting feature, and in some ways Baidu seems to be even more advanced than Google in this area.

The Behavioural Targeting tool allows Baidu to further analyze users to provide them with even more well-targeted ads. When a given user views a website, Baidu may display ads to that user that are related to their previous search queries and click behaviour. This provides an added layer of targeting on top of the regular contextual basis.

Baidu Behavioural Targeting Image (If you can't see the image, you're probably using an ancient browser.)

This is rather similar to Google’s remarketing feature, but even more flexible as it allows ads to be targeted based not only on clicks, but on searches as well.

I'd love to tell you about some of the results we get using this platform. At this point, we're just learning how to use it effectively.



Nice to see that Behavioral Targeting is beeing widly used all over.. good work Baidu

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