Quick Q & A: What is Baidu Jiaoyu / Baidu Education? Should We Use It?

Sat, 05/21/2016 - 10:52

Baidu's Education platform Baidu Jiaoyu is an education platform where users can find both online education options and physical courses in Universities. Results from Baidu Jiaoyu are also shown in Baidu's regular search results pages.

From an advertiser’s perspective, Baidu Jiaoyu is a chance to show educational ads in a structured format.

When users search on Baidu for educational topics, they might see a section of results from jiaoyu.baidu.com



Clicking on the links will bring them to pages on Baidu Jiaoyu like this or to a landing page on the advertiser’s website, like this.

There are several different potential ad formats.

To sign up for Baidu Jiaoyu, an advertiser first needs a Baidu PPC account. They can then separately apply for access to advertise via Baidu Jiaoyu.

CPC rates vary by topic, just like for regular PPC advertising. Overall, it seems that rates are comparable to regular CPC rates, and have to be checked on a case-by-case basis.

We recommend that education service providers that are currently Baidu PPC advertisers test out results from Baidu Jiaoyu ads on a small scale. However, we don’t recommend Baidu Jiaoyu as a standalone solution for educational marketing in China.



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