What is Baidu Brand Advertising?

Wed, 01/04/2012 - 16:34

Baidu’s “Brand Promotion” product allows famous brands to display a lot more information about their brand for branded searches. When a Baidu user searches for a brand that uses Baidu’s brand advertising product, they will see text, images and video related to the brand as well as links that lead deeper into the company’s website.

The image below shows the brand advertising in a Baidu search result for "Web English" (韦博英语). As you can see, it includes a title, a description with in-text links, the brand logo, additional category links, a video and an image. The second search result is a full 450 pixels below, giving the brand massive exposure above the fold.


Businesses can setup brand advertising only for their brand. Search keywords that trigger this type of search result may include the brand name as well as products or events related to the brand.

What’s the Benefit?

  • Enhanced Branding: The larger format and additional media allows brands to make a bigger impact with the searcher.
  • Provide More Information: The searcher will see more information right on the search results page, allowing them to more easily find the information most relevant to their search.
  • Greater Control: You gain more control of how your brand is presented to search engine users. Otherwise the user would see about three search results in the top area of the search results page, some of which you likely wouldn’t have any control over.

All of this leads to a better user experience and more sales!

More Examples

You can check out some more examples on Baidu.

How to Sign Up

The price is unique to each company. Not every brand is accepted though. Each brand first needs to go through a verification process.

To sign up, I recommend you go through BaiduAdvertising.com. This website is the face of Nanjing Marketing Group's Baidu advertising setup department. Nanjing Marketing Group is the company I work for.



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