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Thoughts on the core values of Nanjing Marketing Group. ... [read more]
It's been a week or so since our team attended the ClickZ Live 2015 conference in Shanghai.  Now that we’ve had a little time to decompress, I figured I'd write a few words about the conference for any readers that may be interested in attending a ClickZ event in the future.  ... [read more]
Nanjing Marketing Group has participated in SlideShare's #CultureCode campaign. ... [read more]
Here are my top recommendations for English-language blogs about China that you should check out. Last updated: April 23, 2014 ... [read more]
This year a few friends and I decided to do Movember 2013. ... [read more]
I recently spent about 30 hours or so testing out project management apps, and I've finally come across one that makes everything run smooth as silk. ... [read more]