China Marketing Blog: Random

This year a few friends and I decided to do Movember 2013. ... [read more]
I recently spent about 30 hours or so testing out project management apps, and I've finally come across one that makes everything run smooth as silk. ... [read more]
There are a lot of articles out there on how to learn Chinese. Basic tips include things like “go to China”, “take Chinese language courses”, etc. Great tips. ... [read more]
I've been playing with Yeeyan for a bit recently and I've come to realize that it could be a great free marketing tool for English businesses that have newsworthy articles. ... [read more]
I recently took a look at Google's "translator toolkit." This is their translation memory tool made for translators. ... [read more]
QQ recently reported about Ding Hui, the first "black" player on a national team.  The story is in Chinese but has pictures.  The first two ... [read more]
I want to kiss you… err… I mean, I want to ask you a question. Did you know that “kiss” and “ask” are pronounced exactly the same in Mandarin Chinese except for the tones? Did you know you h ... [read more]