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Thu, 01/04/2018 - 17:33


Hi there,

Nice to see you again in the new year! Hope it’s been treating you well so far and you’re all strong and motivated to get your China marketing on roll.

I was kinda surprised how many people went out last Sunday to celebrate the last night of 2017. It might be due to the fact that Jan 1 is now an official holiday in China, so more people let their hair down. You know what’s my best part of celebrating the NYE in China? Sending messages to my friends back in Poland saying “hello from the future” ;-)

Anyway, this week we talk more about WeChat and share some tips on how to reach your customers in China. And you fancy some great pictures, here you can check a few good shots of China in 2017.

- Wiktoria



Latest news


On the NYE, Beijing released the annual Xi Jinping’s speech. It was generally summing up the greatest achievements China made in the previous year and underlined what yet needs to be improved. “Happiness is achieved through hard work” soon became the 1st popular keyword of 2018. - Read more (in both Chinese and English)

- Wenhui


We’re still over a month away from the Chinese New Year, but the rush has just begun. On Jan 3 train tickets for the Festival season were released. Every year they are sold out within seconds. Passenger volume during the 40-day Spring Festival rush is expected to reach 393 million people, which is a 10% increase compared to the last year. - Read more (Chinese)

- Cherry





On the NYE WeChat users went crazy about posting pictures of themselves as 18-year-olds. It’s because that was the day the last people born in 1990s came out of age (it’s 18 in China). It turned into a serious celebration and many people stressed it was a bittersweet time to go back and cherish the ever gone youth. - Read more (Chinese)

- Wenhui


It’s no news KOLs have a real impact on customer engagement in China, but now it turns out the most popular influencers might not be what you’re looking for. What’s your potential clients are looking for is authenticity. It means they are not very likely to follow trends introduced by KOLs that seem too commercialized. It’s smarter to look for someone with significant number of followers, but still able to maintain their authentic personality and style. - Read more (English)

- Wiktoria


The most popular brands all over the world know Chinese tourists are not to be overlooked. Harrods just announced that although they want to ensure their brand’s “Britishness”, they has hired over 200 Mandarin-speaking staff and they are to introduce both Alipay and WeChat Pay to the store. - Read more (English)

- Wiktoria


Chinese people are getting more aware of what image of their nation is being transmitted by international media and the Internet. Some time ago Chinese netizens went mad about Gigi Hadid making fun of little Buddha on Snapchat. Right now, just a few days before the French President’s visit to China, the news of the racist image of Chinese people in France went viral. Apparently some kindergarten song in Paris is about a Chinese boy who wears flip flops, eats lychees and rice, and has “teeny-tiny eyes.” - Read more (English)

- Wiktoria





Baidu has just officially launched "Baidu Classes" (百度小课). It’s a paid product introducing audio classes on personal improvement, parenting education, financial management, career development and other fields. Although it is a new product with different name, the app itself is an upgrade to previous Baidu Chuanke. - Read more (Chinese)

- Kevin


The latest update of WeChat introduces two major changes. One is a mini program drop-down search, which makes it easier to find mini program attached to the official accounts. Recently used programs are also much more approachable now. It’s just another proof WeChat pays a lot of attention into promoting its mini programs. Through the new search you can also access another new feature, which is an “official store”. It means good can now be purchased directly on WeChat. It has been used by several famous brands, such as NIKE, Gucci, ZARA, etc. - Read more (Chinese)

- Emily





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