China Marketing Weekly: Clothing Brands Sell Coffee To Attract Chinese Customers

Tue, 03/27/2018 - 13:20



This week we talk about Chinese millionaires fleeing the country, paid video subscriptions growing stronger and WeChat official account updates.


New Regulations

Chinese citizens are being banned from trains and restaurants due to their low social credit score. The system has been voluntary so far, but it’s gonna change by 2020. - Read more (English)
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New restrictions on QR codes will go into effect on April 1, 2018. Static payment codes such as the ones placed on restaurants’ walls can be easily altered. So, in order to prevent fraud and viruses, all codes will need to be verified. - Read more (Chinese)
- Sissi


Brands in China struggle to bring customers’ back to their offline stores. Some of them try to catch Chinese people’s love for food and picture-perfect moments to share on WeChat. Hence it’s nothing unusual to see a clothing store open a cafe. Tiffany even decided to offer Chinese tourists what Audrey Hepburn never got - a real breakfast at Tiffany’s. - Read more (English)

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"Why would she need a master's degree? Bachelor's is enough for a girl." - a ‘leftover woman’, Yingguang Guo, heard when she showed up at a marriage market in Shanghai. She started a very special project to bring attention to the leftover women problem in China. Her video went viral as Chinese women want an equal treatment just as their Western friends. - Read more (English)
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Tencent Video announced its paid subscriptions reached 62 million users as of the end of February 2018 (read more - Chinese). Along with iQiyi, it’s dominated China’s fast-growing online video market. They leave little space for foreign platforms. Chinese users are more and more likely to pay to watch videos online. - Read more (English)
- Cherry

Other News

64 percent of Chinese millionaires either already fled the country or plan to do it soon, according to a report by Hurun. This trend hit luxury brands in China, with sales dropping by 15 percent last year. But let’s not get too pessimistic - there’s a huge, young middle class ready to fill in the gap. - Read more (English)
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Microsoft claims they just developed the first AI system which is able to do Chinese to English translations as well as humans. - Read more (English)
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Baidu is no longer just a search engine. It has transformed into a news and information distribution platform. The number of its mobile users increased by 30%. As it collects a huge amount of data from the search engine and quickly learns how to use it, Baidu is now a very strong comptitor for Today’s Headlines (Toutiao). - Read more (Chinese)
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