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China Marketing Weekly: Chinese Couples Will Now Talk To Each Other On Dates!

Wiktoria Marszałek — Fri, 04/13/2018 - 15:48



It’s Wiki here. In this week’s newsletter, you can read how Zuck went viral in China (and he didn’t even have to run around Tiananmen Square!) and Xi’s speech on the new economic reforms. Also, we talk about Korean products losing their market share and more. Keep scrolling!
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Top News

China will lower foreign-ownership limits on manufacturing. During his speech to the Boao Forum, Xi Jinping reinforced the commitment to outline new economic reforms and open markets despite the recent tensions with Trump. Xi said there’s no place for “Cold War mentality”. He also mentioned increasing imports and expanding protection to intellectual property. - Read more (English)
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Zuckerberg unintentionally became a hero on Chinese social media. Not because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal itself, but because of the ignorant question he gets during his hearing. Asked if his company's incredible success could have only happened in the US, he said: “Well — well, Senator, there are — there are some very strong Chinese internet companies.” They are, indeed, very strong! - Read more (English)

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Chinese now choose Japanese beauty products over Korean ones. One of the reasons is that consumers in China care more and more about quality. Also, women do not agree with values promoted by Korean brands: ‘forever young’ image of a woman and plastic surgery. - Read more (English)
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Luxury brands in China roll out mobile games. In order to attract young customers and keep them entertained, many brands - like Dior, Guerlain or Hermès - decided to invest in mobile games. The easiest way is probably to create a WeChat mini-game. It’s a very creative way to meet up expectations of very demanding Chinese consumers. - Read more (English)

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Online education market in China reached 144 million users, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of Education. The Internet has become a very important factor in Chinese people’s education. And as AI, big data, and VR/AR technologies are becoming an inseparable part of the online education market, we surely expect the number of users to grow. ‘Smart campus’ and ‘smart learning space’ are one of the most searched keywords. - Read more (Chinese)
- Nara


WeChat Takes It All

Naked Hub launches a new type of WeChat-based space-sharing workplaces in Shanghai. It's 15 RMB/hour. No need to interact with any people. Everything is settled via WeChat Mini-program. Just scan a QR code as you enter and leave. - Read more (English)
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WeChat will deliver personal health assessments. Tencent signed a deal with UK start-up Babylon Health. Its users will soon be able to use a free AI-based symptom-checking feature or pay to consult a doctor via video calls. - Read more (English)
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Tencent introduces its own social credit system for gamers. The points are being calculated based on completeness of account information, activity, gaming assets, security contribution and cheating behaviors. It works for any games the players log into using WeChat or QQ. - Read more (English)
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Other News

Shenma has filed a lawsuit against Sogou for traffic hijacking. Shenma claims Sogou is responsible for “misleading and reeling in potential Shenma users through Sogou Input Method”. Apart from Baidu, these two make two of the most popular mobile search engines in China. - Read more (English)
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Tencent announced they would develop an AI-based face recognition system for geese. Or at least that’s the news that circulated on the Chinese Internet on the first of April. Despite the government’s warning that the April Fools’ Day does not fit the country’s values and encourages people to spread rumours, some of the companies in China decided to play around a bit. Good to know there are still people out there that did not lose a sense of humour! Check some of the best examples here.

- Sissi

Douyin wants to fight mobile addiction in China. As more and more people get sucked into an online life, Chinese apps take measures to fight it. Douyin, for example, will now automatically log you out if you watch its short videos for two hours straight. Does it mean Chinese people will now actually talk to each other on a date? After the first two hours, I mean... - Read more (English)
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