China Marketing Weekly: Your WeChat Official Account Can Now Go Viral

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 11:09


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The Beijing SWAT team became a hot item on Douyin last week, just as the app became the most downloaded app on iOS. WeChat introduced a Trending Topics feature to help increase the number of your followers. Also, did you know that in China 500g of Alfa Romeo is worth as much as 500g of crayfish? No? Dig in then!

NMG’s Insights

Keywords selection is super important for SEM campaigns. Keywords are generally divided into 3 parts - generic, brand and competitors. It’s crucial to analyze during the campaign which part should be of higher weight, based on existing data.

For example, we had a client who did well in Google AdWords by bidding generic keywords and wanted to copy its success to Chinese SEM. However, after two weeks of China campaign, a test between generic keywords and competitors, the latter apparently worked better in this case.

Note: the client’s company was relatively new to China’s market. Some generic keywords brought great impressions but no clicks, because of the low trust in the brand among Chinese users.
Competitors keywords, on the other hand, were cheaper to buy, with a precisely targeted audience, and are not likely to be banned.
- Wenhui


Top Picks

WeChat introduces “trending topic” section to their official accounts. It’s a similar feature to what other social media platforms already have, just no need to use hashtags. Articles concerning similar hot topics will now be linked based on keywords. WeChat aims at increasing articles shareability and readers’ engagement. How to get in there? According to the official statement, posting original content will leverage account’s chances to be featured. Also, WeChat’s team will choose articles that discuss a similar topic from a different point of view. So, get your amazing content ready and wait for WeChat Team to contact you! - Learn more about the function (Chinese)
It’s a game-changer for official accounts! So far, authors had to rely on their readers or KOLs to share the content. Or they had to invest in ads. Anyway, the traffic was rather low. Right now, assuming you post high-quality content, your account will be matched with trending topics, increasing your reader circle.
- Nara

Douyin becomes the world’s most downloaded iPhone app. The short video app has been downloaded 45.8 million times from the App Store during the first quarter of 2018. It exceeded Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The app is a factory of video challenges and memes that go viral on social media around the world. Haven't seen any? Just search "douyin" (or "tik tok") on YT. - Read more (Chinese)

Douyin app

- Kevin

Trending on Social Media

“Beijing SWAT” become China’s Internet stars. Last week, the anti-terrorist team of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau started an account on Douyin, the short-video app. Within a few days, they’ve become a trending topic with over 5 million likes and 130,000 comments. A key to their success? Based on what you read in the comments, they’re just insanely handsome! - Read more (Chinese)
- Sissi

The fewer crayfish you eat, the closer you are to making your dreams come true. Well, at least if you’re a huge crayfish lover! The demand for that kind of seafood went up this year, which increased its price by 60%, compared to 2017. A picture comparing a price of crayfish per 500g to the price of cars (also per 500g!) went viral on Chinese social media lately. - Read more (Chinese)

Crayfish prices go up in China

- Sesia


Foreign Imports

Alibaba soon to launch a Chinese version of Travelling Frog. A few weeks ago Alibaba purchased the exclusive rights to release a Japanese phenomenon in China. The modern answer to Tamagotchi has been a hit in China for months, with many young people stating they prefer playing with their frog more than with real-life friends. The Chinese version of the game will be localized, featuring China’s famous tourist spots, steamed buns, seaweed fried tofu etc. The game-related news and gadget have their own Taobao page. - Read more (Chinese)
- Shirley

Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War broke presale records in China, and is expected to continue to perform very strongly. I watched this saga unfold in the comic books as a kid, and never expected it to become so huge worldwide. - Read more (English)
Marvel has also released some Chinese superheroes with NetEase. They aren’t Marvel’s ‘first’ Chinese superheroes, there are plenty, although none have been main characters in movies yet. But, the big movie characters almost always start off in the comic books.  - Read more (English).
- Tait

Chinese choose milk tea over coffee. Just as we talked about Luckin Coffee booming marketing campaign lately, we mentioned Chinese people are not exactly crazy about coffee-based drinks. But their tradition of drinking tea has stepped on yet another level. Every afternoon queues to tea shops become enormous and food delivery guys run around with a handful of tea cups. But it’s not a regular green or black tea. Those are usually cups of fancy pancy milk tea with bubble jellies inside!  And tones of sugar! It’s a Taiwanese import good and it definitely stole Chinese hearts. - Read more (English)
A lesson here: Chinese people like imported good, but they have even a softer spot for local traditions with a modern touch.
- Wiktoria


Building Brand Recognition

What do Lipton and KFC have to do with fashion designers in China? Well, these brands are just some examples of a crossover cooperation. Western companies, no matter what they sell, proved that working with popular (or on the contrary - niche) Chinese fashion designers may help them step up with the brand recognition in China. - Read more (English)
- Wiktoria

Best practices to connect with consumers on Wechat are Moments ads and designing entertaining games and HTML5 pages. WeChat creates more and more possibilities to interact with your customers and fans, and they don’t even have to leave the app! JingDaily covered the 9 best WeChat campaigns in April - here.
- Wiktoria


Other News

China’s B2C online retail market totalled 952.85 billion RMB in the first quarter of 2018. It’s a 32.2% increase compared to the last year, according to data from Analysis. Total transactions on Tmall went up by 41.2%, accounting for 59.6% of the total B2C market in China. JD got 25.3% market share, followed by Suning and Vipshop. - Read more (Chinese)
- Cherry

Stephen Colbert would not be let on a fast train in China. Assuming he will ever get a visa after the video that’s been floating on the Internet. Well, I do appreciate the effort. It’s a pretty funny way to talk about the social credit system that China plans to roll out in 2020, which totally freaks me out.- Read more (English)
- Wiktoria

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