China Marketing Weekly: How To Use Douyin For China Marketing

Fri, 06/15/2018 - 09:35


This week, we talk about the recent WeChat updates (they affect official accounts managers!), blockchain technology and... gaokao exam-related condoms campaign.

Douyin reached 150 mln daily active users, as of June 2018 (it was 70 mln in March). How much do you know about the most trendy Chinese app? Do you know how to use it for a marketing campaign? Learn more about the app's users and advertising opportunities here.

On our Chinese blog, Cherry talks about the Chinese online outbound tourism market - take a look.

As you scroll down, you may also notice our faces are slightly different. Well, that’s how we actually look like. Just as I mentioned in a blog post last week, our Chinese colleagues liked the Barbie-style pictures, Tait and me, however, not so much.
- Wiki


Trending on Social Media

Phew! The gaokao pressure is finally over! The infamous China’s college entrance exam kept everyone on their toes last week. It was, of course, trending on social media and many brands piggybacked on the gaokao-related hashtags. Surprisingly, the most viral ads were those of… condom manufacturers. Well, Durex’s marketing team never misses a chance to shine, but other brands did pretty well too. What’s your favourite ad? Have a look here.

Ps. At NMG, we’ve always known cheesecake is a source of power...

- Sissi


Ivanka Trump gets roasted over a Chinese proverb… that does not exist. “Those who say it can not be done, should not interrupt those doing it,” she tweeted just in time for the Singapore summit. As she’s pretty popular in China, the netizens soon notices no one really know a similar proverb in Chinese. Yeah, that’s surely a way to attract hundreds of thousands of views on Weibo - Read more (English)
- Wiktoria


And talking about the summit, on Chinese social media all the comments were blocked, obviously. But what drew netizens’ attention is a crazy editor posting from China Daily’s account. China’s Internet is so predictable and boring most of the times, it’s just fun to see when something goes wrong. - Read more (English)
- Sesia


The image created by online memes is contorted and not real, bringing too much negative energy to young people’s lives - says People’s Daily commentator. He criticized, among others, showing off money people actually don’t have, plastic friendships and online trolls who simply hate everything and everyone. - Read more (English)

As true as it is, in China an article like this published by a state-owned newspaper may suggest some new regulations concerning content published online are coming.
- Wiktoria


Chinese Consumers

It’s no surprise that people in China often choose online shows over regular tv. They also use mobiles to watch their favourite TV series more often than Western people.

But just as tv series and soap operas resemble more and more of 30-minute-long sitcoms, Chinese netizens seem to be more interested in variety shows (like game shows) that get longer and longer. They can now get as long as 3 or 4 hours each. And the audience still says it’s not enough! - Read more (Chinese)
- Sesia



WeChat finally rolls out an app for official account management. What else is new after the latest update? The gap between service and subscription accounts gets broader. WeChat also kicks off a new “Top Stories” feature and some more. Some of the updates work only for iOS for now, unfortunately. Read here (in English).
- Shirley


Other News

China changes its attitude towards blockchain technology. Having banned initial coin offerings and shut down crypto exchanges last fall, Xi Jinping talked about developing new technologies like blockchain last week. CCTV also mentioned, “the value of blockchain is 10 times that of the internet.” Change of wind? - Read more (English)
- Wiktoria


Alibaba’s Ant Financial is moving abroad with a $14 billion funding. The company’s most popular tool, Alipay, already reached 870 million users globally, in countries like India, South Korea, Indonesia and Pakistan. - Read more (Chinese)
- Sissi



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