China Marketing Weekly: Is The 618 Shopping Festival Overtaking Alibaba's Double Eleven?

Thu, 06/21/2018 - 00:00



This week, we talk about the 618 shopping festival and the latest WeChat updates. Tencent now works closer with
Also, have you heard about the “Bao” short movie that is played before “Incredibles 2”?

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Top Picks’s shopping festival transactions reached 127.5 billion RMB (19.5 bln USD) right after midnight on June 18. The 618 shopping festival commemorates the date was established and is promoted to be summertime equivalent of Double Eleven. Top products purchased were mobile phones, computers and air-conditioners. People from Guangdong, Beijing and Jiangsu spent the most money. - Read more (Chinese)

This year, the festival was stretched to 20 days. Every day, would offer millions of red envelopes (discount coupons), different ones each time - there was a reason to buy more and more every day. They also engaged KOLs (influencers) and offered cross-merchant discounts. The only reason to stop buying was running out of money.
- Nara



WeChat users spend more than 200 RMB via WeChat mini-programs every month. The mini-programs are now one of the best ways to interact with brands’ fans, and they don’t even have to leave the WeChat app. What should you know about them? - Read here (English)
- Wiktoria


WeChat released an elderly-friendly feature for Father’s Day. Similar to the option Taobao launched for this year’s Chinese New Year, WeChat Wallet can now be linked to parents’ accounts (微信亲属支付卡). It can be used by people who want to transfer “pocket money” to their elderly parents, and also helps control children’s spendings. - Read more (Chinese)
- Nara


It’s now possible to browse on WeChat. The two companies have worked together as a team - competing with Alibaba - for a while. Now, if you enter product-related keywords to WeChat’s search box, the results from are displayed. - Read more (English)

- Wiktoria


WeChat subscription account will now only display two articles. Any more than that will be published in a drop-down list. Also, the summary will no longer be displayed, so there’s only the headline left to catch user’s attention. It’s the latest iOS update. - Read more (Chinese)
- Cherry



Baidu published new restrictions for ads released by health-related companies. Now, Baidu does not allow the ads to contain a name of diseases, doctors, treatment or technology. The company’s been updating its policies since the false treatment caused the death of a student in 2016. - Read more (Chinese)
- Kevin


Other News

Pixar’s “Bao” shows a piece of Chinese immigrants’ experience. The short video is broadcasted before “Incredibles 2”. It also highlights mother-child relationship and maintaining cultural roots while living abroad - a problem very prevailing for Chinese students. - Read more (English)

We’re yet to find out how the video is received in China, but one thing to learn - the director, Domee Shi, “spent countless hours researching the most accurate way to convey their story”. And this exactly what each brand should do - learn how to convey their story in a way Chinese consumers understand it. Read more on localising and adopting a local flavour in China here.
- Wiktoria


China is present at the World Cup, even though Chinese football team didn’t get in. Watching the games, have you seen how many sponsors are Chinese companies? Wanda, Vivo, Hisense and four other Chinese companies are among the World Cup sponsors. Of course, it a great way to promote to international customers. But among the audience, there are also millions of Chinese people. The games are streamed also at Youku. - Read more (English)
- Wiktoria


China has now an Oscars-like ceremony for online celebrities. It was hosted in Shanghai this Monday, showing how much power the “网红” (wanghong) accumulated, even compared to other celebrities, like movie stars. The arena for the online celebrities has been live-streaming and short-video apps. - Read more (Chinese) or watch a video
- Sissi



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