China Marketing Weekly: How Much Do You Know About Affiliate Marketing in China

Thu, 07/19/2018 - 16:58



This week, we talk about affiliate marketing in China, video apps and private companies being discriminated against in China.

As the World Cup has finished we’ve summed up the number of Chinese viewers who tuned in. Also, have you heard about the Chinese company that promised a refund to all their buyers in the World Cup period?

Dig in!


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NMG’s Insights

This week on the blog we talk about affiliate marketing in China. How does it work? Who’s eligible to try? What should you pay attention to? Check here.
- Wiktoria



We often say: “Make full use of the data you collect”. But what exactly does it mean? Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are now more commonly used by companies in China. Learn more here (in English).
- Lillian


On one hand, we have Chinese Millenials who are very generous while shopping. On the other, we have Chinese middle-age women who spend ages comparing prices and never miss a good deal. For the latter group, there’s no better deal than Pin Duoduo, an app that allows group shopping (and group discounts!) - Read the case study here (in English).
- Wiktoria


Lipstick sales numbers show how important KOLs (influencers) are for marketing in China. It also points at “the lipstick effect” when consumers tend to spend more on low-cost products when the economy growth slows down. - Read more (English)

Also, read more about using influencers in China as seen by the skincare industry.
- Cherry


Video Apps

Douyin shuts down over 30,000 accounts for good. The most downloaded app worldwide faced many issues coming from China’s watchdog. After the last ban, they agreed to censor the content, removing “27,578 short videos, 9,415 audio files, 235 Douyin challenges, and permanently blocking 33,146 user accounts”. The app was also banned in Indonesia. - Read more (English)
- Wiktoria


China’s video platforms to take advantage of the World Cup to bid up their apps downloads. Both Youku (Alibaba’s platform) and Migu (China Mobile) paid high royalty fees to CCTV, the only broadcaster of the FIFA games in China. They reported, relatively, 180 million and 4.3 billion viewers in the games period. - Read more (English)
- Wiktoria


Trending on Social Media

A Chinese student was refused entrance to university because of their father’s bad social credit score. The story stirred up the netizens, rising a discussion whether children should be punished for their parent’s behaviour. Some of the commenters praise the system for effective punishment for the offenders. - Read more (English)
- Wiktoria


“When you have money, you really can do anything” - that’s the caption on a popular meme following a huge affair between BYD, a vehicle manufacturer, and an advertising company. What is it about? No one really knows, as companies keep accusing each other of fraud. The advertising company claims BYD tries to avoid paying and hid financial reports, the BYD says they never signed a contract. What a mess! And the netizens are sitting on the edge of their seats as it seems over 30 companies and more than 1 billion RMB are involved. Read the full story in Chinese

- Sesia


A movie sheds light on cancer treatment in China. After “Dying to Survive” was released earlier this year, the online discussion on the topic of cancer treatment arouse. Premier Li Keqiang decided to implement zero tariffs on imported cancer-fighting medication and encourage the importation of innovative drugs. He has also taken other measures to make the situation of inpatients better and speed up their examinations and treatment. - Read more (Chinese)
- Sissi


Other News

Private companies in China are often more discriminated against than public ones. They are often denied financing from mainstream banks, and need to look for shady funding sources ending up deep in debt. - Read the story (in English)
- Wiktoria


Chinese kitchen-appliance maker refunds the money as France wins the World Cup. Vatti promised a full refund for everyone who bought a specific product during the World Cup if France win. Now, it’s starting to give the money back. - Read more (English)
- Wiktoria


Freelance Writer Wanted!

Wiki and I are busy running projects for clients, so we need some backup. What we think we need is somebody with a journalism or writing background - somebody that can do independent research, interview our staff and write up posts that help entertain and inform our lovely newsletter readers.

The job is to write one article per week that explores trends in Chinese culture and how they impact marketing. For example, check out the recent posts on Luckin Coffee, WeChat Mini-Game case study and 360 Search vs Baidu.
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