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China Mobile Phone Industry Report in 10 Charts - Q1 2011

Samantha — Fri, 07/01/2011 - 03:55

Are you selling any Mobile phone accessories or related phone services online? Are you planning to sell your products in China? If yes, here’s some research data from Baidu you might want to see.

1. Search Index For The Mobile Phone Industry

In the first quarter of 2011, there was an average of 16 million searches related to mobile phones each day.

Search index for mobile phones in China.

2. Search Queries Related to Mobile Phones

Almost half the searches performed involve a specific brand. Besides mobile phone brands, searches related to entertainment and mobile phone software were hot.

Search queries related to mobile phones in China.

3. Top Mobile Phone Brands

Nokia is still the leading brand in China, with Samsung in second place and HTC in third place and rapidly gaining ground.

Distribution of the top mobile phone brands in China.
Mobile phone brand popularity in China in Q4 2010 compared to Q1 2011.

4. Mobile Phone Model Search Distribution

There are many different Nokia models that receive high search volumes. Another model of significance is the iPhone 4.

Mobile phone model searches in China.

5. Mobile Phone User Groups

Phones for females, elderly people and couples are popular. Keep in mind that this is based on search data, so even though searches for male phones are low that only signifies that people aren’t searching for male phones because they assume phones are for males or either gender by default.

Distribution of searches related to specific groups of mobile phone users in China.

6. Mobile Phone Accessories Search Distribution

Batteries are still the most talked about mobile phone accessories in China, with memory cards and screens taking second and third place respectively.

Baidu searches for mobile phone accessories in China.

7. Mobile Phone Colors

White phones are mega-popular, accounting for almost two-thirds of all colour-related searches. Pink phones are popular for females.

Search distribution for mobile phone colours in China.
A Chinese girl with a pink phone.

8. Mobile Phone Software

Seems Chinese mobile phone users are most interested in instant messaging applications.

Searches for mobile phone software in China.

9. Mobile Phone Entertainment

Searches for themes are still the most popular of all Baidu searches related to mobile phone entertainment. Searches related to games increased from 15% to 19% over the past quarter.

Chinese searches related to mobile phone entertainment.

10. Mobile Phone Operating Systems

Although Symbian is by far the most popular mobile phone operating system in China, Android is gradually closing the gap.

Mobile phone operating system popularity in China.

The data for this article was obtained from Baidu.




1, Can someone explain the difference below, please?

In section 3, "IPHONE" has a 6.82% market share.
In section 10, "iOS" has a 8.73% share.

I think there is no other mobile phone running iOS than iPhone,
neither any iPhone is running other OS than iOS.

Unless you consider those phones "IPHONE"s which has the same casing as an iPhone, but different internals and OS.

2, Why iPhone is spelled w all capitals, while the other brands correctly capitalized?

The data must not be 100% correct. I think it's determined by search queries, so perhaps searches for iOS that are actually related to products other than mobile phones (iPad, iPod Touch, etc) will also count.

The second graph in section 3 looks not correct. There is no "Other" category, so the total can not be 100%...
Also the percentages for LG are missing on that graph (2.69% for 2011, Q1).

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