Asia-focused SEO Platform: Dragon Metrics

Sun, 12/08/2013 - 10:42

I recently had a chance to try out Dragon Metrics, a cool SEO platform that is tailored towards the Chinese market. I'll tell you which features I find most useful and what else I hope to see from the tool in the future. If you've used it yourself, feel free to add your input in the comments.

What's Most Interesting About Dragon Metrics?

1) Link Management

My favourite parts of the Dragon Metrics suite is the Link Management tool. It will crawl your existing links periodically and then provide a report that shows whether the page the link is on is still accessible and whether or not it's indexed by Baidu and Google. Plus, it'll show whether the link itself was found too. This is very useful information, especially for Baidu, which doesn't index as much as Google does.

I was looking for a tool that did just that and could not find it anywhere. In fact, I'm not even aware of a tool that does that for Google, let alone Baidu. Note the indexation data isn't 100% correct, but it is "accurate to the level in which it's a beneficial data point to offer users", according to a contact at Dragon Metrics.

2) Baidu Ad Checker

The Baidu ad checker allows you to search multiple keywords then see a visual representation of how many of the first-page search results are organic, ads or otherwise. When I tested it, it didn't always give me the same results as when I checked Baidu manually. However, I think this would be useful for checking a list of many keywords and getting a quick overview of what to expect in the SERPs.

3) Rank Tracking with Nice Comparisons

Rank tracking software is certainly nothing new. One thing I like about the Rank Tracking tool in Dragon Metrics is the simple views it provides that give a snapshot of how one's project compares to competitor projects. For example, see the "Competitor Analysis" view below. It scores competitors based on how well they rank for a basket of keywords.

What Would I Like to See from Dragon Metrics?

For Nanjing Marketing Group, I'm mainly only interested in one thing - the link management tool. This is something that hasn't been done right in China or for the English-language marketing world either. I looked at every comparable tool I could find a couple months ago and there was nothing out there that would check the page accessibility and indexation.

Besides that, Dragon Metrics could be interesting for thousands of small businesses, but only if it they changed the business model. The current business model is a "contact us for pricing" model. In other words, it's too expensive for most businesses. I'd like to see a pricing page with pricing models that make Dragon Metrics available to small businesses and individuals. This is how popular platforms like Majestic and Moz do it.

And speaking of Moz, Dragon Metrics currently uses Moz's Domain Authority and Page Authority Metrics in their link management reports. But these metrics aren't very useful in China because Moz doesn't seem to index many Chinese links. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem any link analysis tool has data relevant for Baidu SEO. I'd love to be proven wrong about this - but when I last checked, I saw Moz missed at least three quarters of the Chinese-language links it should have caught.
Anyways, Dragon Metrics already has some useful features, and they seem to be updating it aggressively, so go check it out.  And feel free to come back here to post a comment and let me know what you think about it.. :)




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