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China's Chairman Starts Microblogging

Tait Lawton — Mon, 02/22/2010 - 11:43

China's leader Hu Jintao recently started microblogging. His microblog on People's Daily's microblogging site gained over 14,000 followers since it was setup yesterday. For comparison, the next most popular microblog on People's Daily has about 2,500 followers.

From a article published on Feb 22 (Chinese):

"Yesterday, a new special name appeared on the "People's Microblog" which was launched this month - the country's chairman, Hu Jintao."

"'Person' was marked on 'Hu Jintao's' microblog, showing that this user had been authenticated by People's Daily."

Many Chinese Internet users have been awaiting his first post. He hasn't posted anything yet.

People's Daily's microblog service is not one of the major microblogs in China, and I don't expect it to become one, despite apparently having Hu Jintao on board. The site is slow, awkward to use and People's Daily has relatively little traffic compared to major portals that have launched microblogs, such as Sina. You even have to login to view users' microblogs!

We'll repost translations of his first posts in the comments section. 



UPDATE: It seems that People’s Daily may have jumped the gun with its VIP microblog accounts. According to Chinese media reports, all VIP guests on the People’s Daily’s popular “Strong Country” online forum — which would include Hu Jintao– were automatically registered for People’s Daily microblogging accounts, perhaps without their consent or knowledge. In an attempt to rectify the situation, the People’s Daily has now suspended their accounts until they confirm that they want to be registered as microbloggers.


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