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2011 China Tablet Market Snapshot

Tait Lawton — Fri, 12/02/2011 - 06:33

Tablet time!

A reader asked for some data on tablet usage on China, so I did some digging around and found a couple semi-relevant articles. I've simplified and 'Englishified' two Chinese-language articles that I found online

The first article was on a research report from ZDC on the "attention" rates for tablet computers in China for October, 2011. "Attention” is a metric used by ZOL to estimate sales and popularity. It is based on the click rates of Chinese Internet users that have used one or more of ZOL's 85 websites or 79 other media sites such as Sina, Sohu, QQ, 163 and Taobao. The second article was about an iResearch report on tablet usage in China.

The China Tablet Market


  • As of October 2011, the Chinese tablet market is still fiercely competitive with many different brands all fighting for a piece of the pie.
  • Apple still leads the Chinese tablet market, while the gap between the second and third place contenders, Lenovo and Samsung, has been widening.
  • The iPad 2 (16GB/Wifi version) is by far the most popular tablet as of October 2011.
  • The average price of a tablet in China has increased slightly to 3,246 Yuan (about 509 USD).
  • Interest in Android products continues to grow, with a 63% attention rate for Android products.

 2011 China Tablet market Brand Popularity
Apple maintains the lead as the most popular brand, but Lenovo is catching up.


 2011 China Tablet Market Operating System Popularity
Android popularity exceeds iOS by twofold. Windows takes a small slice.


2011 China Tablet Market Price Range Popularity
2000 to 3999 Yuan seems to be the sweet spot for tablet pricing. Note that this isn't a chart that shows the price people want, it shows the attention rate for products that fall within these price ranges.


2011 China Tablet Market Tablet Size Popularity
9.7, 7 and 10.1 inch tablets are most popular in China.


Tablet Usage in China

Unsurprisingly for China, users are using tablets primarily for entertainment at this point.


Tablet Usage in China for 2011


Common Features and Improvements That Chinese Users Want for Their Tablets

I really wouldn't mind digging around for some more data on the China tablet market, but I'm all out of time for today! If you'd like to know more about tablet usage in China, leave me a comment and I'll consider it for a future post.

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Tait Thanks for sharing. Do you have any numbers available on volumes?

There were 1.4 million tablets sold in quarter 2 of 2011. I couldn't find any more up-to-date data.

Hey Tait,
thanks for the information. Any info on the number of tablet users in china?

I wasn't able to find any reliable stats on the number of tablet users. I'd like to hear that too.

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