Reactions to the Recent Seal-Heart Eating

First posted: Jun 2, 2009
Last updated: Sep 5, 2017

Canadian Governor-General Michaelle Jean recently made news for eating a raw seal heart.  Below are some responses translated from China from these Xinhua articles. 

"Devilish Governor-General" - Most comments are along this line.

"Why should the seal hunt continue just because this bad habit has already gone on for so long?  Does that mean that everything traditional is right?" - Many foreigners in China have learned that the opposite of this comment can be used to end thought on many debate topics.  For example, if Bob asks "why use Chinese medicine?" Wang Li may answer "because it has been used for 5,000 years."  End of conversation.

"This Governor-General eating raw meat takes her back to the barbaric primative era - frightening, lamentable!" - To be a bit more in-depth, the Chinese phrase translated as "primitive" reads "to eat fur and drink blood" word-for-word.

"It's better than supporting an invasion"

"People should live in peace with nature...  Of course, the right amount of hunting could help speed up the evolution of a race...  Eating raw meat can easily lead to disease and even diseases that humans have not come in contact with before.  Lots of diseases are transferred from animals to people."

"There are 6 million seals and they're allowed to slaughter 338 thousand in a year - that's about one-seventeenth.  Isn't this killing the chicken that lays the eggs?  It won't be long before they are extinct!"

In summary, of 23 comments, not one is in support.





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