The Guide to Sogou Search Ad Formats

Thu, 08/25/2016 - 08:18
Author: Leon

Sogou is the third most popular search engine in China. When it comes to ad formats, it tends to follow the lead of Baidu.

Default Text Ads


Sogou’s default format includes a title and 2 description lines. 

The length of the title is limited up to 50 characters. Each description line is limited to 80 characters.

Note that an English letter takes up 1 “character”, while a Chinese character takes up 2 “characters”.

Sitelink Extensions


A maximum of 5 sitelinks can be added, and these will sometimes show on search results.

Sogou “Super Crown”


This is the largest and most diverse style of Sogou search ad. It can include images, columns, sitelinks, list-style links and other elements.

It’s priced on a cost-per-click basis just like regular ads, and can only appear for ads that land in the top spot.


Sogou Brand Zone


Sogou’s Brand Zone ads are an even larger format. They include all of the elements of the Super Crown ads, as well as multiple tabs of information, and an accompanying banner on the right-side of the search results page.

Pricing is per-month and varies based on the campaign.

Sogou Right-side Brand Promotion


These ads can be shown for both branded and non-branded search queries. It is an effective means to improve brand awareness.

Pricing for this add is also per-month.

Author: Leon


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