WeChat Analytics Walkthrough (2017)

Thu, 08/03/2017 - 13:36


WeChat Official Account admins have access to a range of data on user behaviour and content views. While it's considerably less than you can receive with Google Analytics, Baidu Tongji and other web analytics tools, it's still very useful.


Logging In

WeChat's analytics dashboard is part of the Official Account management area. 

Although there's both a Chinese site and English site for this, we use the Chinese site only because it's for regular Chinese WeChat accounts. Unfortunately, the English site is only relevant for "overseas" WeChat accounts. Overseas WeChat accounts cannot be followed by people from mainland China, so we never use them.


WeChat User Analytics

You can see an overall view of your user demographics, but no user-level data.


  1. Day-by-day data on the total number of followers, new followers and cancelled followers.
    1. Filterable by source: All sources, official account search, QR code scan, article menu, article account name, card share, after payment, other.
  2. User demographics. These are based on what the users themselves entered, so aren't very reliable.
    1. Gender: Male, female, other
    2. Language
    3. Chinese province & Chinese city. There's no geo-data for users outside of China.
      WeChat Analytics Geography Map
    4. Device type - However, it currently only shows iPhone type, not Android phone types.


WeChat Article Analytics

For individual articles, data is only available for the first 7 days that an article is online. While this suits the short-term peak views of the average WeChat post, it can't be very helpful for knowing how well the article does in search results later on down the road. That being said, WeChat content is generally very short-lived anyways.

Individual article analytics features:

  1. A funnel-like overview of user behavoiur that they call "conversion rate". It shows 1) the number of people that the article was delivered to; 2) the number of people that read it at that point; 3) the number of shares to Moments (friend feed/news feed); 4) the number of re-shares to Moments; 5) the resulting number of reads via Moments.
    What will make the top of the funnel larger? Bigger fan base; better-targeted/active fan base; more attractive article intro; ideal send time.
    What will make the bottom of the funnel larger? Shareability of content; Usefulness of content (informational, entertaining, etc).
    Conversion Rate
  2. Demographic data for the article: Gender; province within China; device type. It has the same limitations as the user data mentioned above.


Article aggregate performance analytics features:

  1. Article views and viewers by day.
    WeChat Article Performance Over Time
  2. Source of article views: Conversations (between the official account and followers); WeChat Moments (the friend feed/news feed); Forwards between friends.
    WeChat article views by source
  3. Views by hour, for any particular day. There isn't a nice way to aggregate the data within the interface, but we can still pick out the trends by reviewing the data for multiple articles. Here's some examples below.
    WeChat article views by hour, for the day of posting
    The first picture shows hourly views on the day an article was posted. It had 750 views within one hour and then less than 100 views the second hour.
    WeChat article views on the day after posting
    The second picture shows views the day after. In this case, they peak in the morning and after work.


WeChat Menu Analytics

WeChat accounts feature menus that allow users to click to view articles, WeChat pages or external webpages.

WeChat menu (in purple)

For each menu link, WeChat shows the number of clicks and number of visitors/users. 


WeChat Message Analytics

This shows an overview of the messages sent to your account by users. You can see the number of messages and users (message senders) per day.

It also shows an overview of popular keywords used in messages.

Although messages only stay in the system for 5 days, the analytics data remains.


WeChat Interface & Webpage Analytics

This data is mostly to help users know how often a third-party tool is used, or if it's having problems. The tool itself should contain more useful information however.

It shows:

  1. Number of calls.
  2. Failure rates.
  3. Average load times.
  4. Highest load times.

WeChat Interface Analytics








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