WeChat Content Marketing

If you want to build trust with your potential clients in China, WeChat should be one of the first platforms you turn to.

This hub gives a quick overview of WeChat, and links to more detailed resources to help you learn how to effectively use WeChat to build your brand and ramp up revenue.


What is WeChat?

WeChat is unlike any other social platform you’ve used. It’s a chat tool, social feed and wallet. It has short videos, H5 pages, e-commerce stores, mini-programs and more.

It’s grown to over 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide.

If you want to know how regular everyday users experience WeChat, check this video first:




How To Use WeChat for Marketing

Great content helps educate readers, build trust, and drive sales. (More on this a bit later.)

At NMG, WeChat is often the focus of our content marketing efforts, sowe create entertaining, useful articles that keep fans engaged.

One of the reasons higher-quality content is important to our marketing strategies is because we’re often promoting products that are high-value and complex, such as B2B technology, professional services and education. 

When a person is deciding which university to study at, or which massive B2B technology solution they should purchase, they need to educate themselves over a period of time. 

Other companies often focus on other ways to promote a brand on WeChat, such as:

  1. Advertising - Tencent ads are good for making a splash and even for driving e-commerce conversions within WeChat.
  2. Influencer campaigns - Influencers or KOLs (key opinion leaders) are often even better than advertising when it comes to reaching new users.
  3. WeChat stores - You can create a store directly on WeChat, allowing users to browse, checkout and pay all within WeChat.
  4. Content monetization - Some brands and individuals use WeChat to build up their following. They can then become influencers themselves. While many fail, the successful ones might just hit the jackpot.


How to Get Setup on WeChat

It’s easy to create a personal account. 

You can download the app via Google Play, iTunes or China’s app stores. You’ll need a phone number to start.

For marketing purposes, you'll want an "Official Account".

Check the guide to WeChat Official Account setup here.​


WeChat Articles

The core type of content on WeChat is the article. 

While you might make a blog or email newsletter a core channel in your marketing campaigns outside of China, WeChat should probably be the core focus inside China. So you’ll need to make those articles catchy, easy-to-read and useful.

Learn how to write great articles for WeChat here.

WeChat Analytics

WeChat has a useful back-end analytics tool that help marketers figure out which content is performing best.

Learn more in this post and video.

WeChat Operations

Learn some ways to make your WeChat account more engaging for users.

  1. WeChat Menu Configuration

  2. Turning Your WeChat Account Into a Mini Website

  3. Step-by-Step Guide To WeChat Customer Support