What Is The Difference Between WeChat Public Accounts?

First posted: Dec 10, 2014
Last updated: Jun 22, 2021
Misha Maruma

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As of September 2014 Tencent reported that monthly active users (MAU) of WeChat now stands at 468 million. The figures for Q3 show an increase of 39% YoY.

It’s for this reason that there has been an explosion of articles about how to use WeChat’s marketing platforms. I’ve written about it extensively for Nanjing Marketing Group, but with the constant development of WeChat come constant changes.



So what is the difference between these two marketing platforms? The chart below taken from walkthechat.com gives a good synopsis of how the two different types of Public Account can be used.

Table showing differences between WeChat public accounts


For me the most important thing to remember about WeChat Public Account set up is the need for a registered company in China if you want to get the account verified. As Thomas Graziani writes:

“Although you can create a subscription account with only a Chinese ID, you will also need a registered company in China in order to create a service account (in both cases, you will need a registered company in China in order to get your account certified).” 


Future trends on WeChat

There is one further thing to consider if it’s not possible to have your company registered in China.

Sogou has developed a search engine for WeChat Public Accounts. This search engine isn’t very popular at the moment, but there’s a good chance that this will change in future. If it does then the use of Subscription Accounts could become a much more attractive prospect.

The development of WeChat ads on the Public Account system may also make Subscription Accounts rather more attractive in future too.

At the end of the day it depends if your business wants to provide content or services via WeChat. Although many businesses see Subscription Accounts as the poor relation to Service Accounts this may not be the case.

As WeChat develops its marketing platform and as other internet firms develop their services to interact within WeChat’s ecosystem, it will become more important to make sure your company chooses the correct WeChat Public Account for your specific needs.


Cover image source: usa.chinadaily.com.cn


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Misha Maruma


Hi Misha,

I've just installed WeChat 6.3.13 on my US Android phone. Adding US contacts is easy. But the app can find contacts by their cell phone numbers in China, but it never really adds any of them. Here are my questions:

1. Where to enter the verification code during or after registration (I can't seem to find such an option for doing so)?
I've received a verification code during the signing up, but, the app has not prompt me for entering the code.

2. What could be the issue when I can't add China contacts?


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