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A Simple Guide to Weibo Setup & Verification for Foreign Companies

Sina Weibo is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms in China. It’soften called the “Chinese Twitter”, but it’s actually more versatile.

With more than 600 million users and 200 million monthly active users, Weibo is one of our top recommended platforms for clients.

Baidu's May 2016 Ad Format Changes - How Will It Affect Advertisers?

After Baidu’s recent troubles, they’ve updated their ad format in a pretty major way.

There used to be many more ad spots, and now there’s only 4. All 4 spots are up top, and no ads are shown in the right-side bar.


The old ones used to look like this:


Quick Q & A: What is Baidu Jiaoyu / Baidu Education? Should We Use It?

Baidu's Education platform Baidu Jiaoyu is an education platform where users can find both online education options and physical courses in Universities. Results from Baidu Jiaoyu are also shown in Baidu's regular search results pages.

From an advertiser’s perspective, Baidu Jiaoyu is a chance to show educational ads in a structured format.

When users search on Baidu for educational topics, they might see a section of results from

Chinese Podcast Marketing: An Introduction to Lizhi FM

This post is by Stephanie Hu, social marketer at Nanjing Marketing Group.



Very few clients come to us looking to advertise on niche platforms. They know about Weibo and about WeChat, which are great. But a good portion of our day-to-day Chinese social marketing work is actually done on platforms that the Western marketer has never heard about.

WeChat for Newbies: The 6 Features You Need To Know

Our lead social marketer Estrella Yang has narrowed down 6 WeChat features she believes small businesses must understand. She teamed up with Georgia Cassidy, a marketing student at the University of Auckland, who has written up the following insights for Western businesses looking to get their WeChat account off the ground in China…

Starting WeChat: How To Get The First 500 Followers

When launching a social campaign on any platform, the toughest part can be getting the ball rolling. Once you have followers, it gets easier-and-easier to spread the word by expanding on your existing network. 

Estrella Yang, our lead social marketer, has prepared the following tips for you, and I've 'Englishified' them.

Brand Name's in China's Grocery Stores - A Visual Tour

Want to learn a bit about how brand names are used in China? How Western brands can localize for Chinese buyers?

Seven of us NMGers took a tour of a local grocery store, and here is what we saw.

First thing to know - almost all brands in the grocery store have both Chinese and English names.


Gillette uses the Chinese name 吉列 (Ji Lie).

Baidu Paid Search Platform Crash Course - PDF Download

Curious about what Baidu's pay per click interface looks like?

Check it out here!

The downloadable pdf shows images of Baidu's browser-based SEM management interface with English translations, as well as some tips on how to go about your Baidu pay per click advertising.