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China Student Recruitment Problems – Q & A With 5 Experts

Student recruitment seems to be one of the only fields that hasn’t been revolutionized by the Internet yet.

As a 20+ year veteran of the International student recruitment field told me:

Universities are the dinosaurs of marketing… It’s insane! They can’t track anything… They don’t have the concept of marketing…

China Educational Consultancy – Lessons for Western Institutions

The post is brought to you by our guest author, Ivo Ganchev.


China Marketing Q&A: How Can I Get My English Podcast Distributed on One of China’s Podcast Platforms?


I have a podcast / audio show I would like to get distributed in China, hopefully on one of these platforms: Koala, Lizhi, Ximalaya or Do you think you could get my show on one of these? What would be the price?

Mike (let’s give the person a name)


Answer by Shane Chen, our marketing consultant:

What is Shenma Search? China’s Lesser-known Mobile Chinese Search Engine

It seems like most search marketers outside of China have heard that Baidu is “the Google of China”. And sometimes they’ve heard of 360 Search and Sogou too.

But I haven’t met many that have heard of Shenma Search.