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Introduction to Live-Streaming in China

When it comes to marketing in China, you can do it the classic way – Baidu Advertising, WeChat and Weibo campaigns are commonly recommended options. You probably have heard of them if you did any China marketing-related research. But what we like to highlight as often as possible is that China is very different from what you know, and it changes quickly too. Chinese competitors know the market very well and will almost certainly be ahead of you, using marketing channels that are not as well-known in the Western world as Baidu.

Chinese Consumers Don’t Trust New Brands, Here’s How to Win Them Over

I think Chinese consumers are highly untrusting of new brands. I think that it’s essential for any new brand entering China to assume that it will be tough to pick up customers unless they can build that trust.

When I express that opinion to people experienced with marketing in China, they always agree. Yet Western marketers usually disagree with me.

China Marketing Weekly: Marketing Trends And More


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Nice to see you again in the new year! Hope it’s been treating you well so far and you’re all strong and motivated to get your China marketing on roll.

China Marketing Daily: 2017 Customer Trends Sum-Up And More



Welcome back after the Christmas break! Hope you had a wonderful time and you’re all ready to say farewell to 2017. As everyone’s still in the lazy mood, we’ll make it short. In this year’s last newsletter we talk about facial recognition taking over technology in China and some shopping trends among Millennials.

China SEM Campaign Pre-launch Checklist


Question: “What do we need to do to launch a successful Baidu search engine marketing campaign?”


We get asked that a couple times a week. While the response can vary based on the situation, there are a few points that are common to almost every SEM campaign we do.

Why Tracking Your Baidu Keyword Rankings Is Important

The post is brought to you by our guest author, Marcus Pentzek.


If you are working on your SEO for Baidu you will need to think how Baidu drives traffic to a website.

Online Payments in China – A Guide for Foreign Companies

Saying China is moving towards becoming a cashless society is stating the obvious – I’ve mentioned how highly appreciated the WeChat Wallet feature is in my last blog post. A couple of weeks ago I’d have said the subway station was one of few places left where you had to use either coins or banknotes – but UnionPay’s just been launching a new app for a subway system and all you’ll soon need to do is scanning a QR code. China’s been changing constantly, leaving no space for those who drag their feet.