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China Marketing Options for Businesses That Don’t Have a Chinese Business Unit, in One Simple Table

Foreign brands in China

Don’t have a business in China? Wondering what your limitations are? Wondering if it’s worth it to setup a business entity in China?

These are very common questions for small and mid-sized companies looking to crack the Chinese market, but it can be tough to get the correct information.

Here’s the quickest overview I can provide:

5 Differences Between Chinese and Western Website Design

Chinese designer

Have you ever looked at a Chinese website before? If not take a look at It’s a popular infotainment website used by Chinese communities all over the world.

It covers news, entertainment, games, blogs and microblogging and features a QR code. How would you describe the design of this website?

The Problems With Hosting a Website in China

Chinese netizens fixing a problem on the computer

There is a lot of misinformation on the web about hosting a website in China. Information about Chinese hosting by ‘experts’ based in countries outside of China seems to be the norm.

Common misinformation I read includes things like:

How To Apply For An ICP License In China

Beian ICP information page

Applying for an ICP license is important for any foreign company that wants to establish a China-based website to build its business or do e-commerce in China.

Everything You Ought to Know About Singles Day

11.11 advert

Singles Day is the biggest shopping day in China. It is even bigger than America’s huge online discount shopping fest Cyber Monday. But what do marketers need to know about Singles Day in China?

How To Optimize Your Website For Baidu

Baidu logo

One of the most common queries we get at Nanjing Marketing Group concerns Baidu Search Engine Optimization. It seems that there are plenty of Western marketers out there that want to understand how to optimize for Baidu.

A Simple Guide To Advertising On Youku

Youku logo

China has a unique online television (OTV) content ecosystem unlike any other market in the world. Nearly all branded content (both foreign and domestic) is available online through multiple OTV platforms, such as Youku Tudou, iQiyi, Sohu, and Tencent.

Everything You Need To Know About Tmall Global

Tmall lgog

China’s massive e-commerce company Alibaba’s recent IPO on the New York Stock Exchange has increased the firm’s brand recognition outside of China. But ask any Chinese shopper and they have been using Alibaba’s e-commerce services for years.

The Anatomy of a Baidu Search Results Page

Baidu logo
In Baidu search results pages, there are just tons of different options, and it can be confusing for people new to marketing on Baidu. We’ve prepared some simple screenshots to help you understand it all:
  • Baidu paid search features
  • Other Baidu advertising options
  • Baidu’s own platforms (wiki, documents, etc.)

What Is The State Of Mobile Search In China?

Man holding a mobile phone

Chinese netizens are slowly moving from desktop search to mobile search. There’s no real debate about that.

What Chinese marketers are currently grappling with is how to invest in a marketing mix that gives netizens what they need on mobile, delivering the right search results and content in a consistent format.