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CNNIC 34th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China

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The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) recently published their bi-annual report. It is the Chinese government’s 34th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China (report in Chinese).

How to Target Chinese Consumers Outside China

In the past few years, more Chinese have started to move around the world for business and pleasure. 250,000 Chinese students now study at American universities. Another 100,000 students study in Europe.

5 Chinese Search Engines You Need to Know About

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There are five well-known search engines in China, but two of them make up around 84% of the market share. Baidu (百度) and 360 Search (360搜索) are the undisputed market leaders of online search in China, in both users and market share.

Baidu Marketing: What Is Website Portrait?

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Baidu’s marketing centre regularly updates users about new services that they provide. These updates are always in Chinese and so can sometimes be missed by English language marketers.

How To Use QQ For Marketing FAQ

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There are any number of social platforms in China that can be used for marketing. But if you live in China, have a business in China, or are simply interested in how Chinese people communicate online, then QQ is one of the main social media platforms you should learn about.

China Tourism: How Baidu Can Help Marketers

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Previously I blogged about what marketers need to know about the tourism industry in China. I want to follow that up by specifically looking at how Chinese travellers use Baidu when planning a trip.

Some interesting information from Baidu’s Data Centre clarifies some of my previous insights into how Chinese tourism is developing. An analysis of travel-related search data from 2013 highlights how Chinese tourists research and plan their travels online.


China Tourism: What Marketers Need To Know

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According to analysts, in fifteen years the Chinese middle class will reach 800 million, up from 300 million today. Over the next five years, affluent Chinese consumers will grow from four million to 20 million.

How Does A Foreigner Set Up A Startup In China?

Startup School with Mark Zuckerberg

If you are an entrepreneur and you are thinking of doing business in China, then maybe setting up your company in Mainland China is the way forward. But is it a viable option? 

Recently I spoke to two entrepreneurs to get their thoughts on the subject. Both have education startups, but have gone down different paths. 

52 Chinese Brands You Ought to Know

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China’s middle class has become more demanding. They are no longer satisfied with fake products and copies of western brands and products. Chinese firms now have to develop and innovate to satisfy this demand.