Chinese Content Marketing & SEO

Content is King! It’s as true in China as it is elsewhere.

But our approach to content marketing & search engine optimization may be a bit different than what you expect.

It can be very tough for a newer website to attain strong organic traffic on Baidu just by using Google-friendly SEO tactics.

So how do we do content marketing in China? How can we get your business in front of the hundreds of millions of Chinese search engine users?

Be Where Your Customers Are

Spread positive information about your brand online, in the key places that your potential customers will see it.

We make use of influential websites, wikis, forums & other platforms to provide readers with content that is valuable, accurate & positive. These frequently show up on the first page of search results of Baidu and 360 Search.

Ensure your website is Baidu-friendly

We’ll audit your website for many technical details that may seem insignificant but can drastically reduce organic search traffic if not fixed. We can explain the to-dos to you in a way your developer will understand or implement them on our own. Then we use tools to monitor for progress and problems over time.

Get SEO results with less effort

View your digital marketing holistically. Ongoing search engine optimization is baked into the social and content marketing that we do without the need for an additional line item.

Case: User Acquisition for LocalEthereum

LocalEthereum provides a more secure cryptocurrency trading solution. When they contacted us, they already had some traction with Chinese users. As a startup without external funding, they needed to reach more users in a way that was cost-efficient. Like many projects we work on, it was a challenge to connect with the right niche of potential customers, especially while competing with more established players.

We helped localize their website and reach Ethereum traders by writing articles for various websites popular with their niche of currency traders. Plus, we identified issues with the website that prevented Baidu from indexing most pages. Through this method, acquisition of paying users ramped up quickly.