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Chinese E-commerce

The China e-commerce market is immense, rapidly growing and rapidly changing. The opportunity for foreign brands to expand in the Chinese market is great, but only with an excellent understanding of the unique challenges of China.

Nanjing Marketing Group has been helping Western brands run e-commerce campaigns in China since 2010. Our bilingual team is experienced with promoting standalone e-commerce sites, as well as using platforms such as Taobao and TMall.

Our e-commerce service includes any or all of the following:

  • Consulting on which e-commerce platforms or technologies to use.
  • Setup for Taobao, TMall, JingDong or other e-commerce shop.
  • Chinese content creation for the online store, optimization of the user experience to improve sales.
  • Search engine optimization or paid advertising management, both on and off e-commerce platforms.
  • Assistance in selecting a warehousing and logistsics partner.
  • Chinese customer support and social media marketing.
  • Analytics consulting and integration.

We are currently looking for select partners. We believe that the ideal marketing agency and client partnership should be based on a good fit. We've found that we work best with niche and mid-range brands, as well as larger marketing agencies responsible for implementing a global campaign. We are fast and nimble, and require our clients to be as well.

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