You May Have Heard of WeChat

It is China’s premier super-app, and around a billion people use it to organise their life. That’s right, a billion. 

They use WeChat to make payments as well as shop. It provides access for transport and travel booking, food delivery, movie tickets, and e-commerce. It also hosts millions of official company accounts.

In China, you can live your whole life through WeChat.   

But how can it benefit your business?

For that very reason: WeChat is its own ecosystem and a major force for interacting with customers and potential customers in China.

As the primary social media channel, WeChat is a major platform for Western companies to begin marketing to Chinese customers. It is an excellent tool for customer support and sales.

Why Get Social in China?

Our clients often think they need a “presence” on social media, but sometimes their goals aren't too clear. Getting started in China is not about translating your English content into Chinese and hoping for the best. 

It’s about a long-term relationship. It’s not a quickfire way to start selling in China. But if done well, and with guidance to understand your target consumers, it can be a transformative process. 

Ultimately, it can support your sales, providing monthly lead and revenue generation. You can also leverage your loyal customers to advertise for you and, as a bonus, raise your brand awareness. 

The Power and Reach of Weibo

Although WeChat might be the most popular platform, the super-app does have its limitations. It's really a closed ecosystem. It is hard to gain new followers and posts tend to be long and less interactive. 

Having a presence on WeChat is a good idea, but it is not the only way to start engaging directly with your customers. This is where Weibo comes in.    

China’s equivalent to Instagram and Twitter is a hugely popular platform called Weibo. 

The microblogging platform has over 200 million people who use it on a daily basis. It counts over 462 million monthly active users, most of them on mobile.

These are epic numbers and Weibo has the advantage of being a much more open platform. It is integrated into the everyday lives of its users, with benefits for both B2C and B2B.   

Here at NMG, we use Weibo a lot and it’s a great way to start engaging with your Chinese audience. It is easier to spread the word compared to WeChat, and it also has a lower cost of entry. 

A Decade of Experience

Nanjing Marketing Group provides a comprehensive social marketing service – covering organic, advertising, and influencer marketing.

We work on all major platforms and most business verticals, with special attention to B2B, e-commerce and education.

We have accrued a deep working knowledge of China’s many popular social marketing platforms. Within this developed ecosystem, we can help you navigate which will be the best ones for your business.

Engaging content

We can deliver sparkling content that will engage your Chinese fans, while also expressing your brand ethos, whether we adapt your existing materials or write unique posts.


Clear communication

You will have direct contact with our bilingual Account Managers, and social media marketers, who will provide strategic, calendar-specific, and targeted posts. We aim to create the clearest communication between your brand and its Chinese fans.


100% results-focused

Our teams are China-based, meaning we have our finger on the pulse, and we are able to provide services at rates of 350 Chinese Yuan/hour - competitive in China and very worthwhile compared to staff in Western cities.

Case: Driving Student Applications for UNSW Global

UNSW Global provides a pathway program for international students to enter the University of New South Wales.

With the help of Nanjing Marketing Group they built a huge social media following. As one of the first universities to blaze a trail on Weibo, they harnessed the power of Chinese social marketing and generate over 400 inquiries per month.

The returns on this type of marketing are from five to ten times more efficient than the equivalent of paying commissions to education agents.

Plus, by controlling their brand on Chinese social media, it makes it easier for agents to sell UNSW Global.

Case: Making a Name for SAP Hybris in China

Hybris is a German company that sells omnichannel and product content management software. They have great staff in China, but they found it difficult to scale up their marketing, and so they turned to us for help.

Our role was to increase their public recognition and expand their influence in the Chinese B2B tech community through WeChat, paid search, and content marketing.

The WeChat articles we wrote for Hybris received four to five times the the views of articles that were not written by us. Additionally, we were able to have full control of the search results for the first two pages of Hybris’ brand name on Baidu..

"We are surprised how good your articles are. We are looking forward to more posts from you."

- Bo Liu, Marketing Manager, Hybris SAP