Chinese Search Engine Marketing

Both in China and internationally search marketing is a powerful way to drive online conversions. For our clients it can be a very useful way to enter the Chinese market and to gain invaluable feedback.

But only if it’s done right. Since 2008, Nanjing Marketing Group has provided western businesses with a comprehensive Chinese search advertising service. We use China's four main search engines: Baidu, 360 (Qihoo), Sogou and Shenma; as well as important e-commerce platforms like Tmall, and JD.

Use search advertising to spearhead your market entry

An SEM project is where we work together to understand the challenges posed by the market. Every client is different and puzzles are there to be tackled. It is an illuminating and growing experience. From the beginning, we’ll consult with you on all the aspects that must be in order: account operation for sure, but also the website, support and your messaging.

Never stop innovating

We’re idea people, not just account operators. We use even basic SEM campaigns as the tip of the spear for your future expansion in China. But to go into China requires commitment. It’s a big market. It can be a tough market. But the effort can yield large rewards.

Enjoy clear communication

Our bilingual account managers will provide data in Google Analytics and other tools; have clear reports in Dropbox and periodic meetings on a strategic level. We’ll transparently share our most important learnings with you as we go so that you can build on the search campaign success.

Case: Driving On-Site Purchases for Microsoft

US search marketing agency Point It was running a very successful global search campaign for Microsoft Store, but the only country they needed to activate was China. Nanjing Marketing Group ran the campaign for Baidu, 360 Search and Sogou.

We met and exceeded the 400% return-on-ad-spend targets, reaching peak returns of 1,200%.

“NMG has been a great partner to complement Microsoft Store’s global paid search efforts in an otherwise challenging market. 

NMG is able to quickly adapt to changes with consistent results, while their knowledgeable staff is quick to respond, willing to help, and always on the lookout for testing and growth opportunities."

- Ben Carson, Global SEM Manager, Microsoft

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