China Marketing Blog: Branding

Anytime we work with a client that’s introducing something new to the Chinese market – be it a product, service, or in this case, a brand name – it’s essential that we validate our assumptions by getting feedback from our client’s target audience.  Focus groups are a great tool in this regard.  ... [read more]
Last Friday I got an email from work telling me to wear an item of green clothing the following Monday. The reason? Well, because it was St Patrick’s Day of course.   Being British I duly obliged with the request, but it got me thinking about the marketing of festivals and public holidays in general. I’ve been living in China now for two and a half years and I know that the Chinese like to celebrate some of the Western traditional holidays. But I wanted to find out about the marketing of Chinese festivals.   The year of the horse ... [read more]
I often come across ideas for products or businesses, and many of those ideas involve China. ... [read more]
Groupon China posted their first deal today. This gives us a good chance to check out what they've done with the interface.  ... [read more]