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Last week I posted about how successful marketing managers view marketing as an investment rather than an expense. ... [read more]
You've probably heard this before: But is it really that simple?  Can a foreign business expect to reach a large number of Chinese people online just because China has such a huge population?     ... [read more]
Regardless of what market you’re trying to reach, more leads and sales is probably your ultimate benchmark for success.  But how you track progress towards these goals will vary somewhat based on the market you’re in.  After all, your target audience has its own unique preferences as consumers, and all of the various actions that you track on route to someone becoming a customer should reflect that.  Thus it’s imperative that you don’t use the exact same performance metrics for the China market as you do with the US or other markets.  Otherwise you’ll end up with a bunch of numbers that don’t tell the real story.  ... [read more]
ad:tech China 2015 brought together digital marketing experts from around the world for two days of talks, workshops, and networking.  And eating – the food was great.  This was Nanjing Marketing Group’s first time attending an ad:tech event, so we thought it’d be cool to share a few of our key takeaways, some of which are China-specific while others are more general.  ... [read more]