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We recently launched a new Baidu advertising service platform at and we have received a lot of positive feedback. For foreign companies, one of the most troublesome things about advertising with Baidu is simply getting the account setup in the first place.   ... [read more]
I recently posted about Baidu account verification and I mentioned I'd follow up with an explanation of trust rank, called 信誉度 (xinyudu) by Baidu. Trust rank shows up for advertisers that have verified their accounts on Baidu's ad platform. As you can see in the image below, when you hover over the "V" icon of a paid search result, you can see a popup that shows the company info and the trust rank stars.   ... [read more]
Uh oh! Baidu is now making most existing Baidu pay per click customers jump through yet another hoop. Here's a translated excerpt from the official announcement: " ... [read more]
I recently talked to somebody that had setup a new business and they wanted some guidance on this question: ... [read more]
Somebody recently asked me: "We are currently asking a freelancer to do English-to-Chinese translation on the content found on our main website. I wonder if SEO keyword research could be done now so that we can pass on the info to our translator so that he can keep in mind the various keywords he should use when translating the materials. Or is it more efficient to do this as well as rest of SEO when the Chinese website is up and running? ... [read more]
I found this question on Quora: “How does Baidu compares to Google when it comes to display ads rather than search ads?” Good question. ... [read more]
For people that don't yet know much about SEO, it must be a challenge to differentiate between all the different types of SEO service providers out there. ... [read more]
For an SEO project, it's important to check up on a regular basis and make changes where needed. For most projects, I do this on a weekly basis. ... [read more]
Last week I posted about how to generate a list of Chinese keywords for SEO purposes. Following up on that, I'd like to give some tips on how to evaluate that list of keywords. Which keywords should be used and which shouldn't?   ... [read more]