Chinese Content Marketing & SEO

Our approach to content marketing & search engine optimization may be a bit different than what you expect.

We strongly believe that content is king, but we also know that simply putting great content on a website & using Google-friendly SEO tactics is not likely to work well in China.

What do we do instead?

  1. Gain a strong understanding of the brand to be promoted and target consumers.
  2. Spread high-quality positive information about brands online. We make use of influential blogs, wikis, forums & other platforms to provide readers with content that is valuable, accurate & positive.
  3. Write content tailored to social platforms such as WeChat. Why? Unique content thrives on WeChat but is more easily plagiarized on the open Internet.
  4. Provide informative content on the website, and optimize it to sell.
  5. And, yes, we also make technical adjustments to website to optimize for search engines.

In short, we put people way up top and create content they'll love. Then we spread the content in a way that builds trust & social interaction.


Our Content Marketing Capabilities

We've got you covered!

  • Consumer & competitor research.
  • Review of brand's English & Chinese content marketing.
  • Keyword analysis & selection.
  • Creative planning process.
Content Crafting
  • Creation of content that is beautiful, entertaining or informative.
  • Chinese localization of your English content.
  • Careful editing to ensure a polished & professional touch.
  • Image design included.
  • We know how to write content for the right platforms.
  • Viral: Highly shareable content for WeChat & Weibo.
  • Web: Professional content written to inform searchers about your offerings. Placement on authority websites, wikis, forums, blog.
  • Advertising: Impactful images for social advertising.
Search Engine Optimization
  • Website structural & technical optimization advice.
  • Content written to suit China's search engines (but with a focus on people first).
  • Assistance with hosting selection & setup (including domain & ICP license).
Related Services
  • Social marketing - Weibo, WeChat.
  • Search engine marketing.
  • Website conversion rate optimization.
  • Chinese brand name creation.
  • Video creation & translation.

Clients Love Us

Nanjing Marketing Group specializes in serving Western clients. We run successful campaigns
for businesses in many different industries.

  • Analyzed the market to find target customer groups, then found suitable publication opportunities on WeChat and medical news websites.
  • Co-ordinated with Dornier MedTech to plan and write posts. Each post was customized to the publication and target reader.
  • Analyzed results using reader feedback, Google Analytics and WeChat analytics.
  • Formulated an ongoing marketing model for Dornier to use in-house.
  • #1-3 rankings on Baidu for "UK English school" and 20 other valuable keywords.
  • Well-written content that drove conversions.
  • Integrated social, content marketing & SEO to increase brand reputation. Read more.

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