Chinese E-commerce Solutions


The Chinese e-commerce market is the largest in the world.

It's also notoriously hard for foreign companies to penetrate.

Nanjing Marketing Group provides flexible e-commerce marketing solutions ideal for Western SMEs that want to quickly launch and grow in China.


E-commerce Capabilities

We've got you covered!

  • Research on your customers, competitors.
  • E-commerce strategy advice.
Digital Marketing
  • Search and social advertising.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Online brand building.
  • Marketplace advertising.
Store Setup & Design
  • WeChat, Taobao or TMall store setup.
  • Content crafting, product translation.
  • Store design.
  • Conversion rate optimization.
Customer Support
  • Customer support on-site and social media.
  • Store ratings management.
  • Qualitative data analysis.
Related Services
  • Fulfillment, logistics partner selection.
  • Physical experience store setup.
  • Trademark and patent assistance.

Clients Love Us

Nanjing Marketing Group has served over 200 Western clients.

  • Full-service Chinese marketing solutions for Bar Codes Talk, provider of digital bar codes.
  • Includes search engine marketing, brand reputation management, customer support, website conversion rate optimization.
  • Provided search engine marketing & conversion rate optimization services.
  • Planned and implemented tracking solutions.
  • Improved cost-per-acquisition, return on ad spend.
  • Launched and optimized search engine advertising and affiliate marketing.

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