Account Manager

We’re looking for a dedicated Account Manager to help our clients grow their sales in China.

An Account Manager acts as the intermediary between one of our 5-person cross-functional teams and our English-speaking clients all over the world. They are responsible for forging strong relationships with clients, leading strategy development and co-ordinating our team members to get the work done.


1) Communicate.

  • Help our clients understand marketing in China. Let them know what our ideas are and why.
  • Learn about their company and goals so that we can provide them with the solution that they need.
  • Use video chat, emails, face-to-face meetings and/or other communication methods to communicate clearly and create a strong relationship.

2) Strategize.

  • Lead the project strategy formation. Our clients typically have a set goal in mind, such as generating leads or driving sales on a website. It’s our job to recommend the right course of action to achieve that.
  • Maintain simple and useful documents: 1) a marketing plan, 2) a story about what we did and what happened, 3) weekly or monthly records.

3) Coordinate.

  • Your team will have at least three types of professionals: 1) a social marketer, highly sociable, with their finger on the pulse; 2) a writer or content producer able to create beautiful, useful content; 3) a search marketer, analytical and efficient at getting our ads to the right place. You will work with them to generate ideas, share with the client and implement.
  • You’ll be supported by (and challenged by) experienced marketers in the above roles as well as design, software development, SEO, copywriting/editing. The founder, Tait, takes an active role in training new Account Managers.


  • Ability to communicate in both English & Chinese.
  • At least one year experience in sales, marketing or digital project management.
  • Strong reporting skills.
  • Experience in the industries of education, e-commerce or B2B is a bonus.

We Offer

  • Base salary competitive in Nanjing. Plus, we share 35% of pre-tax profit with team members.
  • An innovative and positive work environment.
  • Reasonable work hours.
  • Lots of room to learn.
  • Work visa (if required).
  • Learn more about our work culture on the main Careers page.

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