Marketing Jobs in China

If you are passionate about intercultural communication and digital marketing, Nanjing Marketing Group may be the place for you. We offer a great work culture, lots of room to learn and competitive compensation.

“Explore, Create, Discover” – That’s how we work. We’re constantly innovating, constantly learning new things together. As part of one of our 5-person cross-functional teams, you’ll be responsible for helping our clients' revenue grow. There’s room for you and your team to suggest how to do that in the best way possible.

Base salaries are competitive with Nanjing standards. Plus, 35% of pre-tax profit is shared with employees. Bonuses are based on team-performance, with little pressure to meet a minimum, but huge room for growth.

Our clients are carefully selected by our founder. Like us, they are innovative, positive and nice to work with. We focus 80% of our energy on our core verticals – B2B, education and e-commerce, but we also keep 20% available to try new things, because there are always new opportunities.

Work in the office or anywhere else. We run more efficiently by making all of our processes virtual. You are welcome to work in the office, elsewhere in China, or anywhere else in the world. This allows us to attract the best team members from around the world.

Team members stay with us. In some agencies, as many as 50% of employees will quit in a year. This is called “turnover” and agencies consider it normal to have 25%+ turnover in a year. We expect turnover of 0-10% within a year, which is a sign that our team members like it with us.

Enhance your core skills and learn others. Our work is not siloed. You will have a core area, such as search marketing or account management or copywriting, but you’ll also have the opportunity to learn new things. We have a team member that “majors” in copywriting and “minors” in market research. And all of our team members learn how to think about marketing in a strategic sense.


Current Openings

We are currently looking for people to fill the below roles.


The positions below are currently filled. However, we will likely have additional openings in these areas in the future.