Sales Representative

We Hope to find an Experienced sales person that is familiar with marketing/advertising. If you have:


  • A minimum of 1 year experience in sales
  • Fluent in English, able to communicate in Chinese (strong asset);
  • Experience with CRM software and the ability to manage and maintain a sales pipeline;
  • An understanding of the B2B fields (asset);
  • You are motivated, determined and persistent, be able to take rejection, be efficient with time.


Your responsibilities would be to:

  • Identify high-potential prospects, contact them.
  • Respond to potential clients that contact us.
  • Create proposals. (We use a proposal-building app that's fairly easy to use.
  • Help improve our tactics and processes used for attaining clients.


We’re looking for people that are special.

If you love marketing, there are many places you could work- but why would you want to work at some little agency called “Nanjing Marketing Group?”

First, the bad news. It will be a challenge. Most of our clients are Western SMEs with limited budgets and little presence in China. They face Chinese competition that knows the environment better, moves with lightning speed and is willing to spend more of their budget on advertising.

But, still, we are here to help accelerate the spread of ideas and products across cultures, and into China in particular. Some of our clients really do have something special to contribute to the world. We’re connecting Chinese people with their dream post-secondary education; software to help businesses be more efficient; eco-friendly foods; and tools for commerce to name a few things. All things that are beneficial to China and the world.

Then, more bad news, there’s you. You’ll be expected to create a better version of yourself each two weeks. Your pace of learning about both marketing and other cultures cannot slow down. What some companies would have you do in 50 hours/week, we’ll expect you to do in 35.

The good news is that all of that can be done. We can improve ourselves, improve our teams, grow our clients and contribute to the world.

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