Craft the right message to move the hearts and minds of your future customers.

Chinese writing is an art that underpins much of our work. We consistently improve brand exposure and sales by outwriting the competition.

Please don’t take our word for it though. Share the examples below with a Chinese colleague to get their opinion.


Have a polished and professional website, written to suit Chinese readers and optimized for Baidu. We’ll even adapt your design, build the Wordpress website and host it in China so it loads quickly. Our website creation services are ideal for companies that want it all done in one place.

This website we created for Grier School is simple, easy-to-use and useful for Chinese readers.

WeChat Articles

A WeChat account can function like a social account, newsletter, mini-website or even an e-commerce store. As brands have flocked to WeChat, it’s become more and more crowded. Average open rates have dropped so how can you increase your reach? The key is having more interesting content.

Example: Making B2B Articles Travel Further

This WeChat article on SAP Hybris’ CRM solutions received over 5 times the views of other posts on that account. These results are typical when comparing content we’ve written to content written by in-house Chinese teams. You might notice the style is very different from the two examples below.


Example: Edutainment for Students

This cute but useful WeChat post lets Chinese students know what not to bring to Canada. You might notice that the style is very different from the post above.


Example: Building Positive Brand Associations

Dornier MedTech needed to reach medical equipment buyers, which is a very niche but lucrative group. On Consumer Protection Day, we posted on their WeChat account with an article on the history of German engineering, the history of Dornier starting with airplanes and ending with their current medical equipment offers. The purpose of such a post is to have Dornier's followers create an even stronger association between Dornier and high-quality engineering. It was also syndicated by several other websites, which is a bonus.



Ironically, we find that the most overlooked part of advertising is, well, the ads! Well-written ads can vastly outperform others. Even when we have winning ads, we iterate to create better ones.

Example: Product Ads for Search Engines

Optimizing search ads is part technical and part artistry. This product-focused ad features four products with image and text. It shows for many long-tail keywords and has better performance than competing ads. We constantly create and test new ads across many verticals.

Example: Social Ads That Get Shared

Social ads need to be both clickable and shareable. This cute ad drove people to play the game for an acquisition cost of 0.2 USD/person. It taps into readers’ worries about food safety.

Influential Content

To build trust with target buyers, we post articles on influential social accounts and authoritative websites. Our content will take your potential buyers from "never heard of them", to "who the F is that?" to "wow, these guys are legit."

WeChat ‘KOL’ Marketing for an English Training App

For AI-enabled English training platform Spoken, we needed a way to reach a specific segment of English-learners: busy young white-collar workers. We compared many options and chose to work with an influential WeChat account on the topic of business learning. If the article was only an advertisement, the open rate would’ve been low. Instead we wrote an inspiring article on “How You Spend Your Time After Work Determines Your Future Achievements”. The article flows through several bite-sized stories that show the value of learning. Near the end, it brings forward the idea of English-language learning and Spoken in-particular.

Leveraging an IT Hub to Build Trust for a Software Product

ABBYY provides optical recognition solutions that are of interest to technical staff in businesses. For a project like this, it’s important to get in front of the right people with content that is thorough and practical. As an example, our post on IT-hub CSDN received over 14,000 views, but it isn’t actually our goal to get lots of views. The key is that that content will live on and continue to attract targeted search traffic over time. It helps potential buyers trust the brand more and learn how to use ABBYY’s products.