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Chinese Website Translation & Content Creation Service

The truth is, you don't really need your website translated...

What you really want to do is sell to Chinese consumers. That's what we'll help you do!

At Nanjing Marketing Group, we go beyond translation. Using your existing English-language marketing campaigns as inspiration, we will create Chinese content that will truly speak to your Chinese-reading target market. We use the insight of people born and raised in China to write the best possible localized content and create the design to match.

The Chinese website translation process - translation is just part of it.


We're Different from Translation Agencies

As a marketing company, we look at things a bit differently. Here are three ways we're different from most Chinese translation agencies.

  1. A focus on sales - Translators focus on converting one language to another accurately. We focus on sales!
  2. Objective analysis - We are able to analyze the progress of a website over time, then make changes to the site to improve results. We typically gather data via customer feedback, social media and Google Analytics.
  3. Digital experience - We can build webpages and websites from scratch or use your content management system.

Proven Track Record

We have tailored our services to suit a variety of clients including large corporations and small business websites. Check out what others are saying about our service.

Russell Bedford Logo
"I was very pleased with the service you provided, and I would have no hesitation in using your services for on-going work in relation to the site or on other projects."

- Kempton Bedell-Harper, Marketing Director, Russell Bedford International

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“We appreciate the professional service provided by Nanjing Marketing Group, who are consistently servicing our marketing needs.”

- Huwie Teo, Webmaster, StGeorge International

Read the full case study here.


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