There are hundreds of higher education institutions marketing in China. From universities in Sheffield to London and Southampton; to colleges in Cairo, California and NYC; and institutions in Nairobi, Sydney and Tokyo; they are all competing for the attentions of Chinese students.

So, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Use digital marketing to connect directly with students. This allows you to drive applications for your admissions team, while providing greater control of your brand online.

Our solution will...

  • drive leads directly to your admissions team
  • build your brand in the minds of Chinese students and their parents
  • make your education agents’ jobs easier by providing them with great content.

Higher education websites can be a pain for Chinese users – our solution is to create Chinese-language “minisites” that are China-hosted. There is no need to ask your IT department for help. Even parents who have zero English will quickly understand the most important facts.

WeChat and Weibo are the two big social media platforms for students, so we’ll make full use of them to grow your social presence naturally.

Boost applications on-demand with targeted advertising campaigns on Baidu, Weibo and WeChat. Before the organic marketing efforts grow so big that you’ll have to turn students away, we boost your traffic with carefully considered advertising.

We will always have new ideas for you: whether it’s supporting your events in China, running a live digital broadcast of a campus tour, or planning a prize campaign; stand out with special events that pop.

Go into China with confidence with NMG’s end-to-end Chinese education marketing.

Case: Driving Student Applications for UNSW Global

UNSW Global provides a pathway program for international students to enter the University of New South Wales.

With the help of Nanjing Marketing Group they built a huge social media following. As one of the first universities to blaze a trail on Weibo, they harnessed the power of Chinese social marketing and generate over 400 inquiries per month.

The returns on this type of marketing are from five to ten times more efficient than the equivalent of paying commissions to education agents.

Plus, by controlling their brand on Chinese social media, it makes it easier for agents to sell UNSW Global.

Case: Recruiting Students for Conestoga College

Nanjing Marketing Group provides the Chinese-language part of a global campaign run by education marketing agency Higher Education Marketing. Conestoga College has capable Chinese officers and Higher Education Marketing is great at global education marketing campaigns. They just needed an effective way to reach Chinese students on Chinese platforms.

Since 2017 we have run a campaign on WeChat, Weibo and other Chinese social media, helping many students and parents understand the school better. Agents have also picked up the materials we've created and used them to help improve sales.

WeChat followers have grown from 0 to 1,225, using organic marketing methods only, and weekly post views number over 8,000. This has resulted in Conestoga College being able to recruit as many Chinese students as they can handle.

“Nanjing Marketing Group’s service is 5/5 stars. We appreciate their professional content planning, online event organization and social marketing for us.”

– Ryan Du, China Program Officer, Conestoga International Education