Building a name among the business community requires effort and time, but the impact can be significant – gain a head start with our proven expertise in Chinese B2B marketing. Become known within your particular niche and drive your client list to the next level.

Drive quality leads with Nanjing Marketing Group’s end-to-end B2B marketing solution.

Gain targeted traffic

It’s no good gaining more traffic if it doesn’t lead to the right clients. We analyse your needs and optimize your advertising across channels. We use Baidu, WeChat, Weibo, and other platforms to drive traffic based on the intentions of your target buyers.

Launch a persuasive website

The quality of your content really matters, especially for large purchases. We write content that is technically solid, informative, and optimised to your local audience. It is presented in an intuitive manner to maximize the number of conversions.

Besides the website, we fully round out your Chinese presence with a profile on WeChat and LinkedIn.

Grow a killer reputation

Our service will help you gain visibility with the buyer you want. When your dream buyer researches online, we want your name to show up again and again. We place your content on authoritative websites, with influencers, wikis, and Q&A platforms. Gain trust and credibility with the kind of citations Chinese clients look for.

Keep top of mind

Big purchase decisions usually aren’t made within a week or two. It may be months before a buyer reconsiders a problem. When they do, we want you to remain top of mind. 

We help your potential buyers keep in touch through WeChat, Weibo, and advertising. 

Case: Generating Enterprise Leads for Palo Alto Networks

Multinational cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks wanted to grow their business in China, but their SEM department knew it would be hard to run search campaigns in the country. Language obstacles aside, all the search engines are different, which makes even routine operation a challenge. We also knew it would be a challenge to target the ads to focus on the right type of buyer, because Palo Alto Networks sells large, complex enterprise solutions.

We launched and have implemented Chinese search marketing campaigns for Palo Alto Networks, generating 1,700+ leads for enterprise firewall solutions since 2013.

Case: Driving Leads for High-ticket Professional Services For Virtuzone

Virtuzone helps foreign businesses setup companies in Dubai and the UAE. They wanted to test the Chinese market by using Baidu ads. For tests like this, it can be a challenge to optimize the campaign in such a way as to stand out above the competition.

We launched their Baidu search marketing in late 2018 by focusing on the highest-potential keywords. We also took care to adjust their message on Virtuzone's landing page, deploying China-specific copywriting.

The campaign gained very positive results. In a short space of time, having proven that China is a hot market for them, they followed up in early 2019 with a rapid business development plan in China.

"Nanjing Marketing Group has been a key partner for us in our efforts to test the demand for our services in China. Wiktoria, Phoebe, Tait and the rest of the team have been very responsive to all our requirements, continually suggest improvements and always seek new ways to optimize our campaigns. Working with NMG has been a real pleasure and I look forward to expanding our collaboration over the months to come."

- Christian Voss Pedersen, Group Marketing Manager, Virtugroup