The Chinese e-commerce market is the largest in the world, but it's also notoriously hard for foreign companies to penetrate.

Nanjing Marketing Group provides flexible e-commerce marketing solutions ideal for Western SMEs that want to quickly launch and scale up revenues in China.

Improve your conversion rate

Your choice of storefront matters, as does the quality of content and all factors affecting the consumer journey. We can help you adjust your website and setup a store on WeChat, Tmall or elsewhere. We’ll make sure your future customers will find your content persuasive and won’t experience hang-ups in load times, customer support or payments.

Drive targeted traffic

We use Baidu, WeChat, Weibo, Tmall and other platforms to drive traffic based on the intentions of your target buyers. Each channel will be highly optimized through consistent testing of targeting options and ad messaging.

Build your social following

Social influencers can be a powerful force in building your brand and gaining social followers. Many Chinese consumers trust the voices of these influential ‘key opinion leaders’ more than they trust advertising or traditional media. We’ll help you run influencer campaigns that bring results.

After building a following, always-on organic social marketing campaigns will keep your brand relevant and top-of-mind with consumers.

Provide quick customer service

Chinese consumers won’t stand for anything less than fast and effective customer service. This improves conversion rates for new users and keeps them coming back. Plus, being in contact with customers helps us gain valuable feedback on how to further improve.

Case: Driving On-Site Purchases for Microsoft

US search marketing agency Point It was running a successful global search campaign for Microsoft Store, but the only country they needed to activate was China.

They reached out to Nanjing Marketing Group, and we planned and operated the campaign for Chinese search engines Baidu, 360 Search and Sogou.

We met and exceeded the 400% return-on-ad-spend targets we were given, reaching peak returns of 1,200%.

“NMG has been a great partner to complement Microsoft Store’s global paid search efforts in an otherwise challenging market. 

NMG is able to quickly adapt to changes with consistent results, while their knowledgeable staff is quick to respond, willing to help, and always on the lookout for testing and growth opportunities."

- Ben Carson, Global SEM Manager, Microsoft

Case: Ramping Up Sales for Concept2

Concept2 sells high quality exercise machines. They already had some presence within China and a strong knowledge of how to operate. They just needed some help increasing the traffic and sales for their existing online stores on Tmall and JD.

We launched a Tmall and Baidu ad campaign in 2019. Like most of our projects, it's important that we cut out the less useful traffic and focus in on the most relevant. We avoided channels, keywords and demographics that were less likely to drive purchases.

They reached profitable return-on-ad-spend within one month.