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China Marketing Weekly: Do You Have To Get Wasted To Do Business In China?



This week we, of course, mention the Royal Wedding and the famous picture taken at US-China trade meeting. Tait also shares his Baidu SEO-related experience.

How much do you know about drinking culture in China? Have you ever attended one of those almost-legendary business dinners in China? If so, we want to hear all about it! Leave us a comment and share your story (we're not judging!) If not, scroll down to read what our experience is.
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China Marketing Weekly: Is Suing Starbucks A Smart Marketing Move In China?



It’s almost Friday! When I was in college, we used to say that Wednesday feels like a little Friday and then a week is almost over. :-)

China Marketing Weekly: Your WeChat Official Account Can Now Go Viral


Hi there!

The Beijing SWAT team became a hot item on Douyin last week, just as the app became the most downloaded app on iOS. WeChat introduced a Trending Topics feature to help increase the number of your followers. Also, did you know that in China 500g of Alfa Romeo is worth as much as 500g of crayfish? No? Dig in then!

What We Learnt Doing Live-Streaming In China?

For the past few months, we live-streamed our China marketing trainings on Yingke. We did it mostly for fun, to play around with live-streaming which is becoming more and more popular in China. We’ve used this marketing channel while working with our clients and we decided to give it a try as well.

Using Magento 2 for China E-commerce - Interview With Jing Zhou

If you're planning to enter the Chinese e-commerce market, should you consider using a standalone website based on Magento? And, if you do, what do you need to do to be successful.

Today we interview Jing Zhou, Business Director of TMO Group.


The Secret Behind The Blue Cups – Is Luckin Coffee Becoming Starbucks’s Biggest Competitor In China?

For the past few weeks, they’ve been everywhere. In elevators, on WeChat Moments and website banners, online and offline. Staring at me first thing in the morning when I leave my flat and when I go back home. These blue blue blue cups! Luckin Coffee offensive grew stronger lately and they claim they want to revolutionize China’s coffee market.

China Marketing Weekly: Overnight Marketing Phenomenon Of Luckin Coffee



This week we talk about American brand’s conflict with TMall, spicy Snickers and Luckin Coffee overnight boom in China. Don’t forget to check “NMG’s Insights” part, where we share our own China marketing experience with you.

China Marketing Weekly: Are You Aware Of How Much Money You Really Make In China?


This week we talk about Weibo banning homosexual content, Peppa Pig becoming a celebrity and a new trend in China - reading.

"Unmanned Retail in the Mobile Payment Era - Report": How To Work Chinese Consumers Out Based On Their Social Media Activity

A few years ago the idea of an unmanned store would sound like a sci-fi story. But not anymore. China’s giant, like Alibaba or Tencent, do everything to make sure the term blends into consumers’ daily vocabulary.