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China Marketing Weekly: What Is It That WE Struggle With When It Comes To China Marketing



This week, we talk about how becoming a “super-platform” is now the only way for an app to survive in China. Also, learn how to optimize your WeChat account’s SEO and what platforms got their advertising service blocked lately.


China Marketing Weekly: Couch Potatoes In China Are Now A Few Yuan Away From Becoming Online Fitness Stars



Do you know what happens when you compare Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh on TV? Or what irritates Chinese netizens most while watching World Cup? Scroll down to find out!

We also talk about the development of Chinese platforms that you can use for your China marketing, and how recent WeChat updates affect your work.

China Marketing Weekly: Is The 618 Shopping Festival Overtaking Alibaba's Double Eleven?



This week, we talk about the 618 shopping festival and the latest WeChat updates. Tencent now works closer with
Also, have you heard about the “Bao” short movie that is played before “Incredibles 2”?

Dig in!


China Marketing Weekly: How To Use Douyin For China Marketing


This week, we talk about the recent WeChat updates (they affect official accounts managers!), blockchain technology and... gaokao exam-related condoms campaign.

360 Search vs Baidu - Which Should You Use and Why? Interview With Remy Wong

Of the Western companies that contact us with questions about search engine marketing in China, it seems about 95% of them are only thinking about Baidu. But Baidu isn't the only search engine in town. In fact, we've had some killer campaigns on Qihoo's 360 Search (360搜索) as well.


How To Use Short-Video App, Douyin, For Your China Marketing

Douyin (抖音 or Tik Tok) is the short-video app everyone seems to be talking about in the recent months- especially in China. In September 2017, the app celebrated its first birthday and in the first quarter of 2018, it became world’s most downloaded app for iOS (Google Play is blocked in China hence there is no accurate data for Android). In Japan alone, the app has been downloaded more times than Facebook.

China Marketing Weekly: They Photoshopped Us Into Barbie Dolls!



This week, read about Pinduoduo, a social shopping app that became a hit among Chinese consumers. What else? Along with the latest updates, WeChat brings back its tipping feature and disables link sharing.
Last week, both Chinese and Western media were all about Fan Bingbing whose 70-million-yuan contract just leaked online.

Get To Know Your Chinese Customers: What Does A Perfect Picture Look Like In China

Some time ago we decided the pictures on our website deserved a makeover – they hadn’t been changed for years. Over time we all got even prettier, so why not show it to the world, am I right? ;-)

China Marketing Weekly: Marketing Strategy That Actually Worked In China



This week we bring you a real story from the China marketing world. We also talk a bit more about Baidu’s latest improvements, and foreign companies struggling to get onto Chinese e-commerce platforms. As usual, there are also trending topics spotted on social media.

China Digital Marketing – On-The-Ground Examples: The Beyond App

We always ask our newsletter subscribers what they struggle with when it comes to Chinese digital marketing. Recently, one of them said: “We are not exactly struggling in China, we do a great job.” If it were a scene in a movie, the music would go silent and all the faces would turn to him. We definitely wanted to know more! And we’re sharing their example with you now.