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How to Monetize a Podcast in China with Ximalaya

After our previous post about distributing a podcast on Chinese platforms, several people contacted us to learn more. Their most important question was: “Can I make money with a podcast in China?

Hint: The answer is “yes”, or we wouldn’t be writing this post. ;-)

In this post, we’ll focus on how to make money by publishing a podcast on the most popular platform, Ximalaya. For our purposes, we’ll consider a podcast to be any audio production other than audiobooks.

How Do Affluent Chinese Families Make Their Holiday Plans?

It was 20th May, of this year, and I found myself sitting across from the president of Club Med; the venerable holiday-resort brand beloved of Europeans. His name is Henri Giscard d'Estaing and we were present for the official opening of the Club Med Joy View Golden Coast, a resort four hours from Beijing, on the coast of Qinhuangdao.

Q&A: How Can I Get Into the Chinese E-Commerce Market With a Budget Under 500 USD?

 In your view, is there any way for a small western brand without Chinese speaking staff to get into the Chinese e-commerce world? I mean, even a small foothold?...

What are the e-commerce marketing tools that are doable for a non-Chinese staff that can't constantly keep up with every trend?

My assumption is that none of this can run very well with all those limitations. But is it possible to run "reasonably" well enough to at least get a foothold? And if so, how? Thanks for any insights.

How Come There Hasn't Been an Explosion of Chinese Cultural Exports in the West Like There Was for Japan?

In the August 7th, 1982 edition of the New York Times, there was printed a flashy headline: CULTURE OF JAPAN BLOSSOMING IN AMERICA.

The article quoted a Richard Lanier, director of the Asian Cultural Council, who said: "American awareness of and appreciation for Japanese culture is greater than it ever has been."

Q&A: Chinese Customers Keep Crashing Our Rental Cars, What Should We Do?

“Here is something I'd love to hear your thoughts about: Our company offers car rental services and a good chunk of our customers are Chinese. That's great, we even have a Chinese language version of the website, we accept Alipay and Tenpay and so on.

What Innate Advantages Do Western Brands Have In China - Part II - The Rise of the Chinese Brands

In the first part of this series, we learned that western brands have intrinsic advantages in China, such as being associated with creative, original, and high-quality products. While this still holds true, we must also appreciate how quickly the China marketplace moves, and the pace of its development. Chinese consumers don't stand still and this is clearly evident in how brands are perceived.

How “The WeChat Defier” Bullet Messenger Gets All The Attention And How It Might Affect Marketing

Bullet Messenger (or Zidan Duanxin), a new Chinese messaging app, has hit the headlines in the past few weeks with hyped-up discussions over the possibilities of this new app challenging the dominant position of WeChat, a ubiquitous everyday messaging app in China.

A Brief Guide to China's Newest, and Biggest, Unicorns: The Secrets to their Success

A unicorn is defined as a startup company that is valued at more than a billion dollars. China now has around 164 unicorns, according to a joint study, but this number has increased. China's number of unicorns overtook the US', which has around 132, as of the end of 2017.

How Should You Localize Your Website for the Chinese Market?

In short, manually translate all key pages into Mandarin Chinese written in Simplified Chinese script, the universal language used across the mainland. Make sure your language is concise and persuasive – good copy matters just as much in China as it does in the West!

Besides just translating, make sure to adjust the content of your website for Chinese users. Learn what they want, then add or edit content that addresses their concerns.