How to Setup Tracking of Your Chinese Search Traffic in 5 Minutes: For G Analytics Users

Sat, 08/27/2011 - 06:55

If you have a website that receives search traffic from Chinese-language search queries as well as from search terms in other languages, it can be a hassle to find out how much of your search traffic is coming from Chinese-language keywords. Use this simple process, and it won't be a hassle anymore. :) This method will help you track how many visitors are arriving on your site via either Chinese-language search keywords or by searching from within greater China.

  1. Login to Google Analytics.
  2. Click here to access the segment I made.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Create Segment" as shown in the image below. Now you already have the segment saved.

    Screenshot of Google Analytics Create Segment Button

  4. To view the segment, first view any Analytics report as you usually would. For example, view the "Traffic Sources" section by clicking on "Traffic Sources" on the main menu on left side of the screen.
  5. Next, click the button next to "Advanced Segments" by the top right of the screen as shown in the first photo below. (Or, if you're using the new beta version of Analytics, click the "Advanced Segments" button near the top left of the screen. See the second photo below.)
    Google Analytics Advanced Segment button
    Google Analytic's Advanced Segment button on the newer interface.
  6. Under "Custom Segments", choose "Chinese Searches" or whatever you saved it as. You can also choose other custom or default segments to see them compared next to each other.

The Fine Print

Note that this method will not catch 100% of traffic from China or users using Chinese as their primary language. It is pretty close though. I tested this advanced segment on three sites that are Chinese-language only and it found an average of 94% of the Chinese searches. So, it's a little less accurate than trolling through the Keywords report for Chinese keywords, but it's a lot more convenient.

Specifically, this segment will track all visits that:

Are from Google, Baidu, Bing, Yahoo or one of several other Chinese search engines.


A) Are from visitors within China, including other areas of greater China.


B) Are from visitors that are using Chinese as their primary language, as determined by Google.


Want More Like This?

Does this not work for you? Do you want to track Chinese users in some other way? Let me know and I'll see if I can figure it out.

If you want to learn how to do more cool things with Analytics, I suggest the blog Occam's Razor.




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