Case Study: St George International

St George International (SGI) is a language training school in London, England. Nanjing Marketing Group (NMG) has worked with SGI to improve their presence in China and their ability to communicate with Chinese Internet users.

Strategic Planning

SGI LogoThe first step in creating content is gaining a thorough understanding of the industry, business and target customers. We did this through several methods:

  • Communicating with SGI management to gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges for SGI in China.
  • Continuous interaction with our target customers via the Sina microblog.
  • Keyword and competitor research by both our paid and organic search engine marketing experts.
  • Finally, for SGI we hired a new full time member of Nanjing Marketing Group. Danny Xu is an experienced salesperson in the Chinese education industry and was able to provide valuable insights into the sales process.

Our present plan involves a combination of search engine marketing, social media, conversion rate optimization, continuous analysis and direct sales. What’s most important is that we are able to put these services together in a way that is greater than the sum of its parts.

“We appreciate the professionals service offer by Nanjing Marketing team who are consistently servicing our marketing needs.”
- Huwie Teo, Webmaster, StGeorge International


We optimized their website for several highly-relevant keywords such as “UK English school” and “England language school”, achieving rankings above all competitors for several keywords.

Here are a few of the things we’ve done so far:

  • We launched a website blog and wrote useful, interesting content for it on a weekly basis.
  • We built links on websites relevant to learning English and studying in the UK.
  • We configured social media platforms such as Sina Weibo, Renren, QQ and Tudou to work together with the SEO plan.
  • We optimized title tags, descriptions, h1s, main body copy and website navigation for Baidu and Google, while maintaining smooth, professional, persuasive copy for website visitors.
  • We monitored rankings and search traffic to identify problems and opportunities, then acted accordingly.
  • We integrated SEO and PPC activities to improve the ROI of both activities.
  • We implemented a Chinese-language local SEO plan to improve relevant Google search traffic.

Microblog Management

NMG has run the official SGI Sina microblog account with the goal of engaging Chinese microbloggers to promote the SGI brand in China. With so many low-quality microblog service providers out there, it’s important to state what we do not do:

  • We do not create a massive following of uninterested or zombie followers.
  • We do not talk without listening.
  • We do not run the microblog just for the sake of running a microblog.

And here’s what we do:

  • We regularly post content that our followers find useful.
  • We see the microblog as part of overall web presence and sales funnel, integrating it with our blog, website, video posts and SEO actions.
  • We interact with those interested in SGI both on and off the microblog.
  • We share insights gained from the microblog with others in the company.

The microblog has resulted in inquiries about SGI courses, hundreds of visits to the website and valuable insights into the needs of our potential clients. Most of our posts on the microblog are retweeted or commented on, like this one that was retweeted 81 times within two days of being posted. Plus, we guided SGI through the verification process, which made the microblog public to all viewers, including search engines.

Finally, Chinese Internet users place a great degree of trust in brands with microblogs. We see the SGI microblog as a key branding tool, useful in improving the professionalism of the SGI brand.

Content Creation

NMG has created, edited and translated a ton of content for the SGI website, as well as for SGI print materials. Before this work, there were many holes in the content needed to persuade potential customers to study at SGI. Now the content is easy to find, presents a very professional image of the school and is optimized to boost organic search engine traffic. Here’s some of the content we created:

We also greatly improved the website’s usability. We revamped menus, on-page copy, the footer, video display and various calls to action. We did this primarily to improve usability for people, but also to improve website structure and copy for search engine optimization.